3 Reasons to Build the Keystone XL Pipeline

Few energy projects have inspired the level of vitriol surrounding the Keystone XL Pipeline, that would run 1,700 miles from Alberta, Canada through the United States to refineries on the Gulf of Mexico.


  1. jmsmaxwell says:

    Strange how the majority of those protesting the pipeline do not own vehicles and do not drive. They
    are the minions of public transportation, such as it may be. It will be intersting to see how this will
    play out especially since the freight in our notion is moved by trucks. Rail may move it from the ports
    to a staging yard but then you have to load it on truck to get it to the comsumers. When the price
    of fuel rises drastically as we have seen in the past month ($0.51 per gal of gasolione) and Diesel
    is rising also. That will drive up the price of consumer goods drastically. By the time summer gets
    here base upon the rises we have seen so far gasoline will be over $4.++ per gallon and Diesel will be
    even higher. If the tuckers stop running due to excessive cost and they cannot make a living then
    the citis will be the first to suffer empty shelves in the stores. I wonder how osocialist will try to spin
    that one since he has alreay stated that we should be paying the same a European countires for our
    fuel cost?

  2. Just the threat of building the pipeline would bring the price of oil down. I just spent $700 on my home heating oil, double what I paid 4 years ago. When President Bush opened offshore drilling, before it even began oil went down 13% in one month.

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