Taxing the Planet Clean

Sens. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) and Barbara Boxer (D., Calif.) announced they will introduce sweeping new energy regulations, including a carbon tax, during a Thursday press conference.

The proposed legislation would use a tax on carbon emissions to fund “historic investments in energy efficiency and sustainable energy technologies such as wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass,” according to a press release.

“We have the opportunity right now, with the president’s commitment in the State of the Union to make major progress,” Sanders said at the press conference.

President Barack Obama called for “meaningful” action on climate change in his State of the Union address Tuesday, and Boxer said her bill was in line with the president’s goals.

“The president is right—we must do more to combat climate change, and Superstorm Sandy was a wake-up call,” Boxer said in a statement. “I strongly support the president’s efforts to move forward with executive actions to address this serious threat.”

Read more at The Washington Free Beacon. By CJ Ciaramella.


  1. These people are nuts they need to be put away so they dont hurt them selfs or others all of them

    • John Detwiler says:

      Unfortunately they keep getting reelected. It isn't the ;oliticians that we need to educate it's the dumb bunnies who need to br educated. We keep electing these ideologues with no common sence so that they can keep adding road blocks to the possibility of us ever achieving the goal of our forefathers.

      • Living as I do in lalaland, boxer and feinstein and pelosi keep getting reelected by the liberal groups like gays and others…if you visit their websites or want to contact them the issues they ask about are all "social" ones ….and they NEVER respond to letters or calls…if they "reply" by e-mail, it is a canned blurb…they think they tell us what to do …they do not represent US.

    • As much screwed up stuff that is going on in our government – It's hard to believe that this is all these nuts can come up with! Screw them I WILL NOT PAY ANYMORE TAXES TO PAD THEIR POCKETS SO THAT COMPANIES CAN FILE BANKRUPTCHY AND POCKET OUR MONEY – THAT IS CALLED STEALING AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Amen there are a couple fries short of a happy meal! And need to be stopped before they send all of us to the poor house

  3. Dysfunction such as this needs to be punished. They took oaths to serve the people but instead serve themselves and their warped misunderstood mentality!

    • How about a high stupidity tax on elected servants who are totally ignorant of the Constitution and who refuse to defend the Constitution even though they took an oath to do so?

  4. STOP the economic nonsense. We have spent hundreds of billions on this research and particularly ill conceived programs to nowhere over the last 40 years. Devastating our economy with another trillion dollars on failed technologies is premature. This money will be needed when there is actually a workable solution emanating from further research. Divert some of the billions now going into boondoggles like corn alcohol and Solyndra type industries into increased research if you can find anyone who is not now doing enough. When research finally yields an economically feasible technology you will need to step back from being trampled with huge corporations rushing to be first on the band wagon. NO MORE expensive factories with no economical market. It is a waste and does not further the move to green energy which we all fervently desire.

    • strangerinmyownland says:

      This has nothing to do with real green research. This has everything to do with raking off tax dollars to the coffers of our friends and ultimately back to the donors-Boxer et al.

  5. Karen Sensenig says:

    This is all part of the Marxist/Communist/Muslim plans to destroy our Nation and make us a 3rd World Country! They are all liars and I just wish that more of the American People would realize that God is in control of our weather, not man!

    • Obviously there is no such thing as a god, and the facts show that human activity is now the dominant influence on global climate. We are responsible for all of the global warming of the last half century. The US needs to face up to its responsibilities and start helping to solve the problem, if it's still solvable at this late stage.

      • strangerinmyownland says:

        "Obviously there is no God" . What a cheap debate trick. No, I do not agree with your assumptions. Let's talk logic. Is there climate warming (Yes or No)? If No, then no action is required. If Yes, then is there any action which will be meaningful and cost effective that can be done by man (Yes or No). If No, no action is required. If Yes, can that action be taken unilaterally by the US or must it be done in concert with other industrial countries. If Yes, proceed. If No, then the US should do nothing of an extraordinary nature.

        First, global warming has flat tracked for the last 17 years, bringing into question all of the UN and allied predictions of dire future destruction. Second, there is consensus that any action must be joined by all of the industrial nations, otherwise the manufacturers simply move to the non-complying nations. China, India and Russia have flatly refused to go along with the insanity of de-industrialization. That leaves you with urging the destruction of the US for emotional reasons or to prove a point. May God help you.

  6. For every environmental problem in this country, you will find the EPA behind it. Water, Air or Soils they do not have solutions and their regulations make it impossible to solve the problem.

  7. It's about time the US started taking global warming seriously. Reducing emissions will not solve the problem by itself, but it will buy us time to work on long-term solutions.

    • pookieamos says:

      There is no man made global warming issue !!! We would have to eliminate every car , every manufacturer, every coal plant , every airplane in the world …and it won't make a bit of difference. Why don't you educate yourself on UN AGENDA 21 , research Maurice Strong . Global Warming was cooked up way back in the early 70's , it's a scam to benefit a few at the expense of the global population ! Do you recommend we destroy all industrial civilization and go back to the cave man days ? Is this the future you support ? If so , please feel free to move to a third world nation and leave ours alone !!!!

    • pookieamos says:

      Forrest fires caused by leftist policies and volcanoes put out more carbon dioxide then all the cars in the world

  8. “The president is right—we must do more to combat climate change, and Superstorm Sandy was a wake-up call,” Boxer said in a statement. “I strongly support the president’s efforts to move forward with executive actions to address this serious threat.”

    [ The fallacy lives in weak minds. It is the FALSE belief in human responsibility for climate change. There is absolutely nothing that man can do or has done to make climate change. Thus, Senator Boxer has a weak mind. ]

  9. What Senator Boxer wants is more taxpayer money, money for nothing in return. She believes that all she has to do is to lie for the Obama cause.

  10. Democrats, ''The planet is warming, give us your money!''

  11. EHeassler USN-Ret. says:

    These a-holes are just not giving up. They will continue to use environmental issues a means to fleece American taxpayers and redistribute wealth until we ride them out of town on a rail. Unfortunately, I think the administration as accurately identified the electorate as too stupid to know enough or care enough to do it.

  12. Hello, Taxing carbon is nucken futs. Without carbon all that is living dies. This bs climate change is also nuts. Anyone supporting it is commiting mental fraud. The idea of taking money for a mental thought and providing nothing in return is fraud. For you senators supporting this – All I can say is you missed your calling you should have been perhaps a shoe shine boy or girl. Your mental eptness is at a level not even recording on the lowest level.

  13. Where we need to start is in the definitions of the office these idiots hold. There should be a process whereby the holder of office can be removed at the will of the voters if it can be proven the person holding the office is either incompetent or refuses to represent their constituents. When a person runs for office and knows his or her actions determine how long he holds that office, that would weed out the professional politician. Term limits for judges too..especially Federal Judges

  14. I think everyone of these loons need to be put on the range and terminated

  15. Bob Higginbotham says:

    These people are neither nuts nor mentally deficient. They are vile, evil people bent on destroying the planet under the guise of saving it while they enslave We the People by forcing us to be completely dependent on a corrupt and irresponsible government. In the meantime Boxer, Saunders and other elected scum line their pockets with our increased tax money.

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