Larry the Cable Guy on Global Warming

I know this video was from a few years ago, but I wanted to share it with you anyway since it is important to laugh every once in a while during these trying times. It’s nice to see a comedian who doesn’t need to swear or make graphic sex jokes in order to be funny!


  1. I realize tahat it is easy to stereotype Larry, but you have to know that he is a great reflection of the foundation of our country, it is all about where we came from and where we need to be headed. Larry…… you and Sean hang in there.

  2. David R. Nemirow says:

    Yes indeed! He is funny in the same class as Red Skelton. Milton Berle, Arte Johnson and all the others who never resorted to cursing to be funny. Look back at the episodes of the Carol Burnette show. It can make one laugh out loud without s single foul word.

  3. If there is one thing Cornhuskers know something about it is BS levels.

  4. mac12sam12 says:

    A great video on You Tube Is George Carlin ''earth day.'' Very funny and really sums up the whole GW myth. 7 minutes long.

  5. Why do people feel they need to swear to be funny…. jef fox worthy.. larry the cable guy.. heck even disney knows how to be funny

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