Arizona electricity costs soon to rise thanks to Obama’s EPA

(Phoenix, State Capitol)—Arizona’s economy could soon be feeling the effects of higher electricity rates under regulations recently announced by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a group of state lawmakers was told Monday.

In a rare joint committee hearing chaired by Senator Gail Griffin (R-Hereford), members of the Senate Government and Environment Committee and the House Energy, Environment, and Natural Resources Committee, chaired by Representative Frank Pratt (R-Casa Grande) heard testimony from state air quality regulators, utility officials, a hospital executive, union representative, and the Director of the Navajo Nation Environmental Protection Agency, all of whom agreed that new regulations announced by the EPA could have a significant, negative impact on Arizona’s economy and its ability to attract and create new jobs.

“This is a non-partisan issue that has alarmed Republicans and Democrats alike,” Senator Griffin said. “Regardless of how one feels about the EPA, there is nothing logical about requiring Arizona residents to pay a billion dollars for regulations that make virtually no improvement in visibility and have nothing to do with public health.”

The regulations in question stem from the EPA’s interpretation of the Clean Air Act, which requires states to formulate ‘State Implementation Plans’ (SIP) to improve visibility at ‘Class-1’ federal areas such as national parks. The regulations do not address public health.

In July of last year, the EPA rejected Arizona’s plan to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) and, in an unusual and legally questionable move, required Arizona to discard its plan in favor of an EPA-drafted Federal Implementation Plan.

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  1. EPA….butt out of our lives!!! Do you see any "haze" in that picture above??? It's the same bright blue sky I see looking out my kitchen window right now!! We are sick of these jerks who are just trying to keep their cushy jobs by coming up with this bs, in order to rape the citizens of their money and keep them under control by doing so!! Sorry, but we are done with these people and it will change in November 2014….we are watching closely!!!

  2. Dan Stewart says:

    This is all part of the pos potus sceme to bankrupt the US. He will not be satisfied until the US is just like his home country of kenya, no running water, no bathrooms (when you need to go, just run out back), walk or ride a bicycle, if you're hungry, sorry about that. Those who can't see this are dumber than rocks.

  3. I just wonder since the elec is generated in your state is it not yours. This goes for every state. If they do not like it just keep it in your state for your use. Why should your elec go to las vagas to keep their betting houses open and you be charged more. Let them get their own. Why shoud wv generated elec
    go to light up dc? Lets keep in in our states and if two states want to work together make a agreement, contract to sell to each other. States rights I believe it is called.

  4. Hey, folks in Arizona. You are getting what you voted for. Don't complain. Obama said that he would triple energy costs–and NOBODY PAID ATTENTION.


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