EPA scheduled to release Richard Windsor emails

President Obama says his administration is the “most transparent administration in history.” Unfortunately, the Environmental Protection Agency has made a mockery of this claim.

Former EPA administrator  officially stepped down yesterday, but her legacy of obfuscation lives on. Today, the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) expects the second of four promised batches of “Richard Windsor” emails from the EPA. Richard Windsor, as most of D.C. knows by now, was Jackson’s chosen alias for her secondary email account during her tenure as administrator. CEI began to investigate Jackson’s use of this account over a month before she announced her resignation in December. Now, we’re receiving the fruits of our investigation — but so far, the results have been less than satisfying.

If today’s delivery of emails from the EPA is anything like the tranche CEI received in January, it will not provide any valuable information about how Jackson employed her Richard Windsor email account. Indeed, the delivery we received in January — 2,100 emails total, significantly shy of the promised 3,000 — consisted entirely of Google news alerts and press clippings.

Read more at The Daily Caller. By Nicole W. Ciandella.


  1. Horace Hoopenheimer says:

    Ok, lets see how well they edited them to fit the 'ujinda' smog attack…..

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