‘Anti-union’ EPA administrator’s tenure described as a ‘new Dark Age’

As Environmental Protection Agency Administrator  prepares to leave the Obama administration Thursday, a federal employees union disparaged her tenure an “anti-union and anti-employee regime.”

E&E News reports that Steve Shapiro, executive vice president of the American Federation of Government Employees Local 3331, sent a message to Jackson on Monday that detailed the various problems that unions had with her tenure, and compared them to the labor fights that raged on in Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan.

According to Shapiro, Jackson never personally addressed the union’s concerns, but instead used other agency divisions to respond to the unions. Shapiro added that they often responded with “attacks.”

Read more at The Daily Caller. By Michael Bastasch.


  1. OH, the poor unions.

  2. Maybe they can hate her as much as I do

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