Environmental Correction Agency

A federal watchdog is investigating Environmental Protection Agency enforcement actions against a Texas natural gas company that the agency claimed contaminated drinking water through its drilling activities in the state.

The investigation, initiated in July 2012 but announced publicly for the first time on Tuesday, could substantiate allegations that the agency ignored information in its investigation that might have cast doubt on its findings.

According to a letter from the EPA’s inspector general, the investigation will seek to determine whether aggressive legal action taken by EPA’s Region 6 office against Range Resources “conformed to agency guidelines, regulations, and policy.” An IG spokesperson said the results of the investigation will be released “in the next several months.”

Sen. Jim Inhofe (R., Okla.)—the ranking member of the Environment and Public Works Committee when the investigation was initiated in July—and Sen. David Vitter (R., La.), the current ranking member, requested the investigation.

“Given all that has come to light about EPA’s ‘crucify them’ agenda … Congress deserves a full explanation about this particular case,” Inhofe said at the time.

Read more at The Washington Free Beacon. By Lachlan Markay.


  1. Not surprised! Government is The PROBLEM, not the Oil and Gas compaines.

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