Homeowners vs. EPA Home Invasion

The Obama Administration bullied its way into your doctor’s office, now it is bullying its way inside your home. Claiming a need for “healthy housing,” new 2013 policies enacted by the Obama administration give the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Housing and Urban Development Agency (HUD) the right to decide the condition of your home.  While Obamacare is not about quality health care, the government’s new housing strategy appears to be more about home invasion than home health.

On February 4, 2013, the Obama government issued a press release on how it plans to gain access into your home. What follows is an edited snapshot of the government’s planned intrusions onto and into your private property:

Improving housing quality can dramatically affect the health of residents

WASHINGTON — Several federal agencies today unveiled Advancing Healthy Housing – A Strategy for Action. White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) Chair Nancy Sutley, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Lisa P. Jackson, Secretary ofHousing and Urban Development (HUD) Shaun Donovan, Surgeon General Regina Benjamin, M.D., and Deputy Secretary of Energy Daniel Poneman discussed the new plan during an event at the National Building Museum this morning… The Strategy for Actionencourages federal agencies to take preemptive actions that will help reduce the number of American homes with health and safety hazards…. Currently, millions of U.S. homes havemoderate to severe physical housing problems, including dilapidated structure; roofing problems; heating, plumbing, and electrical deficiencies; water leaks and intrusion; pests; damaged paint; and high radon gas levels… The Strategy for Action unifies, for the first time, federal action to advance healthy housing, demonstrating the connection between housing conditions and residents’ health… It is clear that unhealthy and unsafe housing has an impact on the health of millions of people in the United States,” said HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan… “Today’s announcement will help the federal government unify action tocontrolling and preventing major housing-related exposures and hazards.” (Emphasis added.)

Read more at Patriot Post. By Sharon Sebastian.

Photo credit: TexasGOPVote.com (Creative Commons)


  1. pookieamos says:

    WTF ??? This is away to drive people from their privately owned homes , this isn't about health , this is about AGENDA 21 !!!!! The government will now find faults in our homes, we will be forced to repair them or have them razed !! Over my DEAD BODY , will they come into my home !!

    • John Detwiler says:

      The 4th amendment is specific. If they come to my door they will be met by a person armed and ready to defend it illegal against search and ceasure. And they will not be admitted unless the have a legimate search warrent.


        • He wouldn't have so much problems with building falling apart if he didn't have so many illegal aliens in America doing construction and not caring about the building codes we already have.

    • This is just another distraction from the REAL issue in the country right now: BENGHAZI! They will keep up a stream of these "threats" to keep the media and Americans from paying any attention to the damning testimony that is still coming out. Obama and his nasty cohorts are not above threatening
      people to keep them too busy and distracted to pay attention to the stories they want to hide or bury. Remember that Richard Nixon left the presidency in disgrace over his lies and coverup of a botched burglary that killed no one – don't let Obama and his crew escape the consequences of Benghazi and the four murders. Where are the true answers to where and what Obama did on that night? An early story said that he had gone to bed early because he had to get up early the next day to fly to Nevada for a campaign stop. If that is true, he was severely negligent in his duty as commander in chief. His campaign was more important than those four lives?

  2. piss on them…

  3. Capt. Jerry says:

    Better come with a warrent, police, FBI, CIA, the bamster, and lots of green bags. This going to be fun.

  4. Gerald Smith says:

    Damn right it's about Agenda 21. I saw a piece on the housing rebound that made two great points: (1) Housing consttruction is up about 37% but new home sales are up by 9%. Renters are driving the market because no one can actually affort to buy a home!!! (2) The majority of new construction is condos, apartments, duplexes and quads – all part of the plan to drive us into gerbil cages and save the earth from the evils of mankind and have more control over our lives. New government insulation regulations are very tight and are intended to make it far more expensive to build single family dwellings.

  5. Elaine Connelly says:

    Well the Gestapo has finally shown it's hand. Did anyone of you out there reading this column, vote for Obozo? If you did, get ready cause I'm looking for you. I want to slap you right now.

  6. Come on down to Texas, we'll send you to hell !!!

  7. Again..this man & his so called power is out of control! Our homes, our guns, killing Americans on a chance they may be a threat with drones, now on OUR soil! This guy has got to be stopped! He's NOT getting in MY home!

  8. antimuslim says:

    Capt. Jerry, you are right. This will be fun. My yard is in dire need of fertilizer.

  9. They can inspect the business end of my 12 gauge.

  10. Welcome to the "New World Order" Agenda 21 !!! Have any of the New Police Rescue Vehicles arrived in your area?

  11. Gerald Covey says:

    The E.P.A., and various individuals therein and in any other government agency, will continue to dream up some foolish non-workable thing along some obnoxious line that is favorable to the unknowledgable people who employ them, in order to justify their existance. Nobody wants to be caught in a "reduction-in-force," due to being redundant or otherwise no longer required. This sort of thing will continue as long as there are ignorant persons in a position of prestigious leadership. Those "leaders" are the people we have hired (voted for) to represent us in the goverment. There's a lot more to the story but far too much to go into in this small forum.

  12. Locked and loaded!

  13. DALEPUTNAM says:

    Welcome, Welcome, Welcome. To the New America, District 12.
    Seriously, we are living, right now… in the utopia that will be remembered for about 40 to 50 years, as the best of times… the worst is coming. We can all see that. We can all feel that. We can all accept that. .. … ….. NOT!
    The sooner we actually start reclaiming our government, the sooner we can get back on track to a successful FREE country, as the Forefathers imagined for us. Reclaim the Constitution, Reclaim the Bill of Rights. We have the last chance on earth to remain FREE. Free from all this crap, that is being sugar coated in lies and mistruths, so we can accept them until it is too late. If we don't start now…
    Welcome, Welcome, Welcome.

  14. The Odictator has decided he really likes Asheville NC. He has visited 11 times now, and has announced he intends to make the Smoky Mtns. his new home. Just like Hitler's castle in the Austrian Alps, I see him making the Nation's largest oppulent mansion, the Biltmore Estate Castle in Asheville his new home.

    • Obozo IS A TRAITOR says:

      The rumor has it the last time he was here a few months ago for just a few hours was to sign a contract to purchase a house in Biltmore Forest, given the info I heard it may have been Bob Ingles house given his recent passing. He is in for a rude awakening because the worthless treehugging bleeding heart liberals in downtown Asheville may support him but the REAL natives to this area are Christian, bible loving, Conservative to the core people and he will never be welcome here and he better have good security or his retirement may well be a very short lived period of time!!! obozo if this is your intent find someplace else because WE dam*ed sure don't you and your ilk here!!!

    • Raven MacLean says:

      yea, and he'll probably use our tax dollars to build it the slimy little thief.

    • I know all the jews with relatives who died under Hitler just love it when Obama is compared to Hitler. It really has a way of minimizing the holocaust.

  15. Another step towards the Obama dictatorship. It's only taken two generations to lose the America our constitution set up.

  16. DALEPUTNAM says:

    Doggone it anyway… I was fixin to move to Ashville too. Guess that's out now. Shoot…………. no wait!.. that's been deemed as illegal..Shucks then. And as for loosing America… two generations have already hapened…. that's how we got her now. So.. now the question becomes.. what are we going to do about it? And more importantly .. WHEN??

  17. The government HAS NO RIGHT to enter your home. Your home is your PRIVATE PROPERTY.

  18. How about starting in those rat infested innercites that house the vast majority of oscummer voters. Even
    when they refurbish and upgrade them they become slums in short order because no one hold the tennants
    accountable to keep up the apartment in a clean and safe manner. Since they only live there they have
    no incentive to take care of apartment or even keep it in a clean and safe enviroment for children to live

  19. cjp12345678 says:

    How about starting in Chicago? It needs to be cleaned up.

  20. What pinhead came up with this idiotic venture. How many "inspectors" do they plan to loose a day?
    Has anyone in this administration ever heard of "Private Property?" We bought it, pay the taxes on it, and WILL control whom we decide may enter. Our rights are going out the door left and right like throwing out the baby with the dish water. -30-eom

  21. No one will come in my house if they try they might come up missing they best stay away or alot of people will get shot

  22. We let the TSA get away with violating the Constitution, now the EPA will think that they can do the same. Slowly boil the frog and it doesn't realize that it is in danger. Only thing is, we aren't frogs.

    I want to know when the trials start. There will be some elected government officials that will be declared guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors.

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  24. Once there was NAZI GERMANY. NOW it is NAZI AMERICA


  26. My insurance company dropped us for no reason. Never filed a claim. After finding a new company, they warned me they would not renew our policy if a broken piece of lattice wasn't fixed. I asked my agent when did they come to my home to see close enough that we had a broken piece of lattice. She informed me they don't actually have to come. They can see thru satellite images anything outside my home. Without my knowledge. I fixed it but was very uncomfortable that the standard of my home is in someone's else's control. The lattice is on my porch. We have a slab home so what was it hurting? The reason I had not already fixed it was my animals used it as a door way to hang under the porch. None of anyone's business. This is my home!!!

  27. Mad as Hell says:

    PRIVATE property is just that. Put signs around your property that says "PRIVATE PROPERTY" and "NO TRESPASSING". Anyone that comes on your land is then breaking the law. Shouldn't the EPA be out "protecting the environment" rather than harassing the American citizen? Look at all the factories that are polluting the air and dumping the raw waste into rivers. What it amounts to is the fact that Obozo wants to be a dictator and the agencies like EPA, DOJ, FBI, CIA, and the others that are supposed to PROTECT us are now out to destroy us.

  28. come through my door without a warrant and you'd better bring plenty of bodybags.

  29. I assure you that entry would not end well.

  30. singcanary says:

    This give government power to create or make up a reason to confiscate your home…Are you a conservative, republican, tea partier, Christian, Jewish? hmmmm If IRS can do it…so can EPA department. ALL for the good of socialism. New musilims in our country need a home…take it from the infidels…and kick them out onto the streets. Its called redistribution of wealth. This is scary stuff people. No one should take away our privacy at our homes. Sure they can come inside your home and create penalities and rack up the fees that make it impossible for you to pay. Therefore, you loose your home due to no funds to pay them.

  31. This gives government power to create or make up a reason to confiscate your home…Are you a conservative, republican, tea partier, Christian, Jewish? hmmmm If IRS can do it…so can EPA department. ALL for the good of socialism. New musilims in our country need a home…take it from the infidels…and kick them out onto the streets. Its called redistribution of wealth. This is scary stuff people. No one should take away our privacy at our homes. Sure they can come inside your home, find a gun owner lives there and create penalities and rack up the fees that make it impossible for you to pay it. Labeling your home as a dangerous place. Therefore, you loose your home due to no funds to pay the penality fees.

  32. roywehrman says:

    see an awful lot of comments about this dictator but like a lot of peoploe i ask when is anything going to be done about this idiot

    • I wonder too. I would volunteer for action; but at 60 years; I'm only good for sniper duty. (extremely good at looong distances) I would only go for the puppet masters though; a puppet without a master is just an empty-headed block of wood.

  33. EPA…how about this…FU you aren't coming in here!

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