Sierra Club chief to risk arrest over oil pipeline


WASHINGTON — Prominent environmental leaders, including the head of the Sierra Club and the organizer of a public campaign to oppose the Keystone XL pipeline, are planning to risk arrest Wednesday at a protest outside the White House.

Executive director Michael Brune would be the first Sierra Club leader to be arrested in an act of civil disobedience. The club’s board of directors approved civil disobedience for the first time in its 120-year history as a way to oppose the pipeline, which would carry oil derived from tar sands in western Canada to refineries in Texas.

Read more at Official Wire. By Matthew Daly, AP.

Photo credit: Rainforest Action Network (Creative Commons)


  1. Capt. Jerry says:

    He is such a cute little ferret but so damn stupid. Oh did he get to the speach in Escalade at 8 MPG. More than likely

  2. saddlebroke74 says:

    Hope they throw you in jail forever you stupid jerk.

  3. Oh, How heroic!

  4. VIETNAM VET says:

    During the debates obama would not respond to Romneys' question as to why he is blocking the Keystone project. The democratic party claimed that it was an environmental issue.
    The election is over, so is the ecological issue, they found a way.
    China bought the Canadian oil that is going to flow through this pipeline from Shell!
    China has been building a seamless oil pipe foundry down in Corpus Christi Texas. They are also heavily involved in the refurbishing of a large port there that will be used for the shipping of oil, coal, steel, etc.
    I bet obama awards China the contract to construct the Keystone pipeline to ship their oil from Canada to China, their coal from the open strip mines they bought in Tennessee, and the scrap steel they buy here!
    China is the contractor on the Hamilton Bridge in New York, That's the bridge obama made his speech, LET"S BUILD THIS BRIDGE, LET"S CREATE JOBS in front of knowing the Chinese were awarded the contract! The Chinese are building the Bay Bridge in Oakland, The Tanana River Bridge in Alaska,
    They have done a lot of the infrastructure in New Yorks' subway system and the Manhattan expressway!
    harry reids' son is doing a joint venture with China on the construction of a 9,000 acre solar energy farm in Nevada!
    Just search Chinese companies in any state, Chinese build bridges in the United States, China buys Shell oil in Canada, China builds pipe factory in Corpus Christi Texas. So on and so on.

  5. Groundzero says:

    Will he get out on time for the BILDERBERG meeting?

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