Let’s Inaugurate a Term of Energy Realism

Ed. note: This piece was first published on UPI.

In his second inaugural address, U.S. President Barack Obama announced that he’s putting climate change at the top of his policy agenda. And with the State of the Union just days away, it’s likely that the same lofty rhetoric will feature prominently.

This is welcome news to environmentalists but it should also be welcomed by those who have been looking for the president to roll out his self-described “all of the above” energy policy.

That potent phrase refers to Obama’s stated desire for the federal government to embrace and invest inrenewable technologies, while also fostering policies that provide the country with abundant sources of oil and natural gas — the energy that we’ll actually use to power our economy for decades.

On oil and gas, we got a healthy dose of energy realism in November with the release of the International Energy Agency’s annual outlook, a widely cited forecast of energy usage around the world. Not only did the report show that oil and gas would hold a dominant global position for years to come, but the IEA also offered a rosy forecast for the United States’ home grown energy future.

Read more at the Energy Tribune. By Michael Economides.


  1. Toni Stimmel says:

    How many more friends, who want to suck the teats of the taxpayers by forming Green Companies that will fail, does Obozo have?

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