Andrea Mitchell’s Ridiculous Comments On Climate Change

On her MSNBC show, Andrea Mitchell claims that recent weather events, including Superstorm Sandy, have “taught us if nothing else, that we have a real climate problem and that we have to deal with this here even if the rest of the world isn’t going to deal with it, in China and elsewhere.”


  1. Florida Jim says:

    That makes sense Americans are so smart only they can see climate damage so only they must pay for it while every other country gets wealthy off our foolishness. Hey, Andrea, it's a scam of gigantic proportions even Al Gore, Mr climate dunce, made millions off Arabs as he used dirty oil money to show his hypocrisy.
    Are you stupid or asleep?

    • I agree Sir. Andrea and the rest of the Mother Earth worshippers have flipped under the very Rev algore's teaching. Unfortunately, they can't accept the Holy Bible's first four words; in the beginning God… The Earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof. He, as creator is also sustainer and will do so till such time as He says it is enough and when that happens no puny great high priest (sinner-man) of flesh will hinder him. They care soooo very much about the Earth and little or nothing about one's own eternal soul and the fate that awaits all those who depart this life without Christ as Lord and Saviour…

    • you are very correct.

  2. James Fontana says:

    The network needs to deal with Andrea Mitchells stupidity by putting her out to pastured where she can say all she wants and nobody can hear her

  3. Let's face the facts that Andrea Mitchell is and has been a programed "Glazed Doughnut" since day one on the air. I wasn't aware PMSNBC was on the air as a comedy channel. I thought that there was a cartoon network in exsistance. Is PMSNBC just gouging Looney Tunes for ratings…? I'll stick with the rabbit

  4. The whole green agend is a fraud exceeded only by te social security system. The Government is running the greatest fraud and ponzi schemes ever divised. The whoe scientific community has agreed that the science used by Gore and the rest of the Global warming freak show has been proven to be based on fraudulent data and is being used to forward a totally bogus agenda called THE GREEN MOVEMENT.


    Stop the Fraud. We have had bad weather events since I was a kid or as far back as I can remember which ends around the beginning of WW II. You Morons should be jailed for the cost we have been forced to incur to continue to promote your fraud. ALL OF YOU.

    • Absolutely olddad ! I am with you all the way. Interesting to note that Mikhail Gorbachov, former
      KGB etc., came here started and is the President of the International Green Cross. He did not succeed
      with communism when it was red, so he changed the color.

  5. Would someone please try to explain to these, OH SO INTELLIGENT NEWS PEOPLE that the world has been going through changes every so many thousands or millions of years without any help from us. Granted, our ways of polluting the atmosphere of our planets atmosphere has to be changed to a more positive approach but their climate control philosophy, I believe, is completely out of bounds. The next thing they will try to have everyone believe is that the end of the Ice Age was caused by cavemen and they're SUV's polluting the atmosphere.

  6. Erik Osbun says:

    The woman has no comprehension of what is climate change. Only weather fluctuates rapidly ( that's what she talked about ), but that IS NOT CLIMATE CHANGE.

  7. jack galvin says:


  8. Dan Stewart says:

    What do you expect from someone so dumb they have to ask if it's raining.

  9. And by the way: how can this woman POSSIBLY be discussing more drilling when the Spurs lost to the Detroit Pistons only two nights ago! Surely she must see the obvious connection! How could she not? How selfish and lame and mean spirited of the oil cartel!!

    And that folks is how the far left loons got themselves into broadcasting. Pull the string and out pour empty-headed loony tunes. No need for logical connection, for you have the bully pulpit.

  10. Oh she is so awsome with her thoughts . . . Andrea, this is important, okay, so, please pay attention. As far back as the days listed as being during B.C. there was a climate. That being said, it means that without any change there would not have been different seasons. If there is no change, there will have to be either day time all the time or night time all the time.
    It comes down to for those that eat the idea of global warming a.k.a. climate change are complete a$$es. Would all of you please let us know when you hear the big pop. That will be when you pull your own head out of the cavity inside what you sit down on.

  11. The EPA needs to be dismantled, it is out of control, the greenie weenies need to see that the reality is that there is and always will be climate change, alittle info for Ms.Bitchell there was a an mini ice age just a few centuries ago. most of napolean's troops didn't die on the battlefeild they froze to death

  12. cjp12345678 says:

    I wish they would do a study on how the wind farms are affecting the wind currents. Looks to me like the wind currents have been changed to pinpoint the northeast and climate change is the result. But I guess we probably couldn't look at that as a possibility because that would ruin all our green efforts.

  13. We have had so many really bad storms in the past that make the most recent look like nothing more than a mullet blow. I guess 200 years ago all those chevy suburbans and coal fired power plants were the cause.

  14. Climate Change has and is continuing to be debunked on so many levels. The models that were originally created were purposely false. The subsequent models engineered from them are wrong yet the environmentalists won't admit they are wrong, no less try to fix the lies. Agenda 21, One World Order, (Obamaism) redistribution of wealth is at the bottom of the whole deception. The U.S. needs to unfund the UN and come clean on the deception.

  15. Andrea suffers a bad case of diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the brain like all graduates of our socialist journalism schools. There used to be an old saying; "those who can do, those who can't teach" we just need to replace teach with become journalists. There is a shortage of brain power that comes out of journalism schools.

  16. Liberals are living proof that Higher Education (no matter what degrees they hold) without Common Sense, does not make you intelligent; it merely makes you indoctrinated. Liberals have had control of the Public School system and most of our Colleges and Universities for over 40 years. Their legacy is that America, under their educational system / programs, is falling behind the rest of the Developed Nations in academic standings.

  17. mac12sam12 says:

    I agree with Andrea, we do have a climate problem, it's called the weather. Also Andrea, we've had fewer hurricanes the last ten years.

  18. mac12sam12 says:

    Andrea had a kool-aid overdose.

  19. Toni Stimmel says:

    Ted Knight, the ditsy news anchor on the old Mary Tyler Moore Show, Tex Baxter, was asked if he visited the local radio stations when he was on tour and he said he always did but many times his welcome was a little cool. He found out that the coolness was the result of the truth of the Ted Baxter character at a lot of stations. News anchors are supposed to be the stars of the news programs and are chosen for their good looks, good voice, and ability to read their teleprompters with sincerity and conviction. They are chosen much like our democrat president was.

  20. What strikes me as funny is, are they going to make a new law against climate change? Are they thinking about taxing it? They alresdy are regulating most of what we do, & I think those gigantic wind stopping windmills every few feet around the globe just might be the problem. Mother nature would go along with that I am sure.I would think getting involved with God & Jesus & praying would work a lot better.

  21. In the immortal words of LtCol "Bull" Meechum, "God, God! Why did you put so many assholes in the world at the same time!? !?

  22. Bob Higginbotham says:

    Mitchell's comments are almost as asinine as the supposed commentator that thought the fact that a meteorite will come close to this planet due to global warming. I really find it difficult to accept that these people are that moronic. Surely they have at least some grey matter between their ears to ralize how ludicrous they sound.

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