The Documentary Al Gore Does NOT Want You To See!!!

“An Inconsistent Truth” is one man’s odyssey to find the truth about man-made global warming. As the title suggests, this is an answer to Al Gore’s Oscar-winning documentary; but it’s much more than a simple rebuttal.


  1. We are seeing the effects of dumbing down of America through the education system. al gorezeera should be charged with fraud and brought to trial. His abuse of using the power of the vice presidency since leaving office is more offensive than Bill Clinton.

  2. Elmophonebone says:

    Has anyone seen an uglier woman?

  3. chefrobert1407 says:

    Not only have we made out citizens dumb though the Federal board of (propaganda)Education at the cost of billions of wasted dollars of tax payers money. But, what is worse, we are controlled by not voted for or elected corrupt Petty Bureaucrats who know that laws do not apply to them for they are the elitists and know what is best for you and your children. There is many of the Agencies, so lets take the FDA (murder for corporate profit inc.) which approves deadly poison drugs that kill not cure with thousands of death each year (and you thought war was hell). then the FDA approves or allows thousands of toxins in the food supplies that make you and your children sick in mind and body. Why? Let this quote make an answer for you. "THE THING THAT BUGS ME IS THAT PEOPLE THINK THE FDA IS PROTECTING THEM. IT ISN'T. THE FDA IS PROTECTING THE PROFITS OF THE CORPORATIONS THAT PAY US AND THE POLITICIANS!" Herbert Ley, M.D. Former FDA Commissioner. Please note:"pay us and the politicians," So you know that your elected corrupt official has his hands stained from garnering their portion of the 30 pieces of blood stained silver. yet no one of you dare speak of badly of the Sacred Agency the FDA. So, Comrades take your poison pills with a profit markup in thousands of percent, eat your toxin filled foods like AZODICARBONAMIDE and many more, then get sick, suffer than die like the thousands before you. One more thing, you clamor that guns are bad, but in real life guns and crazies are a in the piker class for murdering you and children. Have a great day.

  4. drsambelt says:

    The consistent use of untruth as a method of spinning an argument to increase government power and tax theft from the working class is beginning to pay off for the politicians intent on destroying the Constitutional Republic form of society. Government untruth, complexity by regulation and guilt imposition has resulted in a society that no longer trusts the leaders and their expanding trip to power, tyranny and personal aggrandizement..

  5. THe Sequel will be "Obscumbo — an Incoherent truth"

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