Taking on the Eco-Fraudsters

“I’m a journalist from Northern Ireland,” Phelim McAleer said. “No one tells me to shut up.”

McAleer, co-director of the recently released documentaryFrackNation, has plenty of people who would like him to shut up.

The filmmaker’s mere presence elicits howls of anger and ad hominem attacks from environmentalists. “Freak” and “male prostitute” were just a few of the choice words hurled at him when he showed up where several Hollywood celebrities were touring fracking sites in upstate New York.

McAleer’s sin is questioning the science behind the environmental movement’s opposition to hydraulic fracturing, commonly called “fracking.”  The process draws natural gas from the earth by fracturing large shale deposits.

FrackNation premiered in select theaters in January before being acquired by Marc Cuban’s AXS TV and airing on Jan. 22. The film takes a critical look at Gasland, an Oscar-nominated anti-fracking film directed by Josh Fox.

Read more at the Washington Free Beacon. By CJ Ciaramella.

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