Obama’s path toward energy poverty

In his inaugural address last week, President Obama demonstrated that he is putting people at risk with misguided climate and energy policies.

If there really were an increased threat from “raging fires, and crippling drought, and more powerful storms,” as the president indicated in his speech, then America would need more, not fewer sources of reliable and affordable energy to prepare for and cope with these hazards. More electricity would be needed to handle greater demands for air conditioning and heating. More power would be required to irrigate drought-ridden lands, build dikes, harden public infrastructure and relocate populations living on flood plains or in harm’s way due to tornadoes and hurricanes.

Yet instead of promoting the most reliable and least expensive energy technologies, such as coal-fired electricity generation, Mr. Obama encourages the least reliable and most expensive sources. It was certainly an understatement to say, as he did in the address, “The path toward sustainable energy sources will be long and sometimes difficult.” He should have added, “and virtually useless,” because the sustainable energy sources he has most in mind are wind and solar power.

The president presents the transition to these technologies as an economic benefit. He asserted, “We cannot cede to other nations the technology that will power new jobs and new industries — we must claim its promise. That is how we will maintain our economic vitality.”

No, that is how you ruin a country’s economy.

Read more at The Washington Times. By Tom Harris.


  1. His arrogance is only topped by his sincere urge to destroy our country, He's making us the 'sitting-duck' of the world

    • John Detwiler says:

      Every time I see this arrogant, narcissistic excuse for a president I want to vomit. How anyone as ignorant as he could be elected as presldent for one term, let alone a second term is beyond me. This should give us and idea of just how far we have sunk as a nation. I have never been prejudicial but seeing this clown on TV almost daily is starting to interfere with my resolve. But then I stop and think. Its not his color but his convoluted mind that I have the problem with.

      • FRED FUDPUCKER says:

        Give everything to the ones not working and promise the impossible to the uninformed. More wind sites have been abandoned than are currently producing power.. I just costs to much to maintain them and they have not solved the problem of the bearings burning out, and the following massive fire that ensues. We have such an illiterate public, we are doomed. Stay home, have babies and let the government support you.

    • While our own coal and electricity are being condemned from our use – this guy in Our White House wants to sell it to China and have Chinese workers here on our soil to mine it. I say he needs to be impeached. Yet there is not one in Congress or the Senate or the House with the balls to stand up to him. Each and every one of them are afraid of losing their job/s.

  2. The EPA is just another snake crawling from the U.N.'s Agenda 21. Committed to the takeover of the world for One World Government. Obama is backing this in every way possible and using it against us. We need to get the U.N. out of our country as fast as we can. We cannot live with all the regulations they are passing so they can take our property away from us.

  3. Don't forget about Hydroelectric. For some reason the EPA won't classify it as renewable! Perhaps it is because the eco terrorists and tribes want to tear them down.

  4. Erik Osbun says:

    Obama is a Communist. It does not matter to him that America will be impoverished by his policies. His goal is power and control, that's all. 2012 massive election fraud by his leftist minions was his method.
    Until truth be told, this tyrant expects to have his way.

  5. mac12sam12 says:

    The spoon-feds missed obama's comment when he said your energy bill would skyrocket, like food, healthcare, gas and just about everything else.

  6. JennieWalsh says:

    How much more can and will the American people take from this hijacker of the constitution?

  7. Florida Jim says:

    When 100 other countries in the world drill for oil and gas and either sell it or use it themselves who on God's green earth would say "not us, we are too smart" as we remain with 11% actual unemployment inflation skyrocketing with gas over 200% when Obama came in, milk up 89%, meat up 70% and Obama halts the Keystone Pipeline after teasing us during th campaign, as he did in 2008 and we fell for his lies and obfuscations again. Are stupid or just foolish for trusting someone who has never achieved anything of substance in life yet is able to lie and confuse the voters, along with rigging the votes. When over 50% of us think Obama is doing well our educational system has failed us it is apparent we can't think for ourselves we must be led like Germany under Hitler or China under Mao who murdered over 80,000,000 of their citizens before the rest awakened. America it is time for us to awaken.

  8. Education is intensely important for every individual in this world. Its importance has been more increased in 21st century. The importance of education can be recognized from constitution which has given right to get education.

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