Obama leaning toward McCarthy for EPA chief

(Reuters) – President Barack Obama is leaning toward choosing Gina McCarthy, a top official in charge of air quality at the Environmental Protection Agency, to run the EPA in his second term, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

McCarthy, currently the assistant administrator for the EPA Office of Air and Radiation, would take on the top job as the agency leads Obama’s push for measures to fight climate change.

McCarthy would replace Lisa Jackson, who said in December she planned to step down as EPA chief.

A final decision has not been made, and one source cautioned that Bob Perciasepe, Jackson’s deputy, was still in the mix for the administrator post.

An announcement could still be a couple weeks away.

Read more at Reuters. By Jeff Mason.


  1. oh crap , looks like another dyke with a very bad attitude.

    • My exact thought when I read this. Think she came with compliments from Napolitano? They might all be sisters under the skin.

  2. Bull dyke for sure , another communist POS with her head up obammy's ass !!!

  3. Man or woman ?

  4. When the so Republicans in the house decide they want to be real leaders they will defund the EPA.

  5. Another dastardly stupid appointment! Sad, but Obama just can't do any better!!!!

  6. John Detwiler says:

    A good move for Obama maybe, but a terrible move for the people. When are we going to get someone in Obama's cabinet that are not already bowing to his agenda of government knows what is best for the people. Lisa Jackson was a power mad individual who though she knew what was best, and McCarthy to lean in that direction. Just another Global warming ideologue.

  7. ALFRED E. NEUMAN says:


  8. She looks like Bill Clinton's brother!!!!!!!

  9. no no no, she is just another troll like lisa jackson/richard windsor…..she communicated with "Richard" and she should not be considered for this post as she knew she was helping jackson circumvent the law…all the political leadership should be in jail.

  10. If she's good enough to replace the Gaia High Priestess Lisa, then she must be really dangerous.
    No job growth will occur with Obama strangling us through EPA's tyrannical (illegal) mandates.
    They now ignore court decisions effectively eliminating the balance of power.
    If Obama isn't going to be dragged out as a usurper then congress must impeach. Sadly they won't.

  11. James Fontana says:

    IMPEACH OBAMA, fire his apointees and rescind his executive orders.

  12. Never happen, The Republican Party for the are like my dog a hell of on wheels at Bakking, then run from vislters. In other republicans are worried about there jobs, and to he'll with the people, and country they are suppose to be protecting. Can not the United Stats of America for the republicans can not unite.

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