EPA chief compares auto standard move to finding cigarette-cancer link

The Obama administration’s push for higher auto fuel efficiency standards was as important a scientific step as the discovery that nicotine is addictive and that cigarettes cause cancer, a top administration official said.

In an interview with the Tulane University student newspaper published Thursday, outgoing Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson, a Tulane alumna, said that her agency’s 2009 “endangerment finding,” which directly led to the implementation of the auto standards to fight greenhouse gas emissions, is her proudest achievement and represented a major step forward for public health. The auto standards are often cited by Ms. Jackson, President Obama and others as the most significant victory of the past four years in that fight against carbon emissions and climate change.

“The country finally made a finding in respect to climate change and said that the emission of greenhouse gases endangered public health and welfare,” Ms. Jackson told Tulane’s Hullabaloo newspaper. “I liken it to the finding that nicotine is addictive or that cigarette smoking causes cancer, because they’re scientific findings. Once you have that science, it compels public policy actions.”

Read more at The Washington Times. By Ben Wolfgang.


  1. oh really? and when may i ask has it ever actually been proven that there is a link between smoking and cancer? never has been done except through the lies of junk science from the EPA, science that was actually thrown out by a federal judge as exactly what it was bias junk science.

  2. John Detwiler says:

    This is an example of the Obama administration appointing persons ( example Laura Jackson ) unqualified to run an agency. Then this person sets standards capcriciously. without any regard to the impact that they will have, Then even though such a standard in impossible to meet the agency levels excessive fines. And unfortunately this id the case of any government agency. The idea is great for it's inception by the unqualified personal running the agency keeps adding more detrimental rules for the businesses or entity that it was formed to regulate. And quite frankly why so many businesses are relocating in other countries. This has to cease in order to restore our country to the greatness that it once enjoyed. Every rule that an agency sets forth must be justified to an appropriate ( knowledgable ) panal.

  3. hugh544118 says:

    Jesus will soon do a lot of rebuilding by God's perfection. He'll make the EPA look like a mote on a mite. I can't think of any useful or sustainable Fed controls that have ever been anything but cancerous to the USA. It's time to flush the toilet or drown in the overflow.

  4. Gary Huggins says:

    Politicians and science are fairly incompatible. Unfortunately neither will believe truth. If they did, taxes wouldn't have to be so destructive. Shameful to observe adults? act in the manner of Washington DC. This is the time when men speak a lie and purport it as truth and vice versa. Oddly enough most don't know the difference.

  5. Great post.

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