Gore Falls Back to Earth as Media Elite Taunt Global Warming Hypocrisy

I did not think I’d see these liberals turn on one of their own…


  1. Al Gore has finally reached reality point awe all know it. His Globle warming is a hoax tha has cost the world countless trillions in bogus programsand projects that have gone nowhere and were based on junk science thatwas shoved downed our throats by stupid self serving bureaucrats. ITS ABOUT TIME…..

  2. John Detwiler says:

    Al Gore will do anything for money. His global warming push was simply to make money. I is almost scary to think that this creature who thrives on duplicity had almost became our president. Hell he is almost as ignorant of the truth as Obama ls.

  3. al gorzeera starts a communications company that is an absolute failure (not enough tax dollars supporting it) and ends up pocketing a $100 mil. Is this a great country or what when a failure is able to capitalize on his frauds and becomes rich in the process. Have to admit al gorzeera made letterman look like a bright bulb in that interview. Who would have thought that possible.

  4. ConservaDave says:

    "And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how then shall his kingdom stand?" -Jesus (Matthew 12)

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