Elitist Time Journalist Attacks “Deniers”

If you deny global warming, you are on par with those who believe the Earth is flat or the moon landing never happened, at least, according to Jeffrey Kluger, TIME Magazine senior editor for science and technology.


  1. Patrick Henry says:

    Where do these idiots come from???

    • No different than, say, those soothsayers who claimed they could predict the future by exploring the entrails of some innocent animal they had killed. The climate alarmists are the real "flat-earthers" in this. They continue to deny the REAL science that shows how miniscule the anthropogenic impacts really are.

  2. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Six thousand years ago North Africa was a lush verdant paradise. Over the following two thousand years it morphed into the Sahara Desert. We can learn two things from this: 1) Climate does indeed change, 2) Man doesn't cause, and cannot prevent it.

    • You are so right. This is just another scam so the people pushing this can gain more control over people and make some serious money from this so-called scare.

  3. Can anyone explain to me what caused all of the changes to occur on our planet before man was even here? We had dinosaurs which seemed for one reason or another to have been killed off, Ice ages which slowly disappeared, we now have mankind which may, if science is correct, going through a cycle which may kill us off. Anyone but me see a pattern here? I have always believed mankind was like a cancer, one cancer cell is no problem but as it spreads the body begins to expire. Therfore, I believe as mankind spreads outward through our solar system and the galaxy, like a cancer in the human body, everything as we know it will begin to be destroyed. This has the makings of a great Sci-Fi story, don't you think?

    • jmsmaxwell says:

      Didn't you know that there was a lot of gaseous critters running around spewing forth massive amounts
      of methan gas along with co2. When a volcan erupted the gas burned thier backside and they
      died off! Or at least that is what this mental giant would have you believe.

  4. jim metcalf says:

    Mr. Kluger is very articulate. He used a technique that has ben used by the left for a long tim. Calling names and stating that his views ar correct. I didn’t notice him presenting any factual data shoeing how he reached his views. He did say that the scientists who disagreed with him were ignorant flat earthers but again, didnt use any facts to back up his theories. Are we flatearther, uninformed, ignorant people supposed to just accept his view as gospel.

  5. Erik Osbun says:

    He thinks global warming or for that matter any climate change is caused by man. He is wrong. Climate change is made on all the planets by the cycles of the sun, and humans have no role whatsoever. He, the commentator, is the denier. Not only that, he thinks his position is unassailable. He is, therefore, stupid.

  6. Yea ok what ever.

  7. Where did this idiot get his scientific training; through a correspondence course offered by a coupon taken from a grocery store tabloid? It is amazing how many conclusions he drew without any scientific evidence to support his conclusions. The legitimate journalists just ape his conclusions because to disagree would conflict with their "journalistic training". We spend so much for education in this country and get so little for it.

  8. lupine100 says:

    The worst European winter in a century happened during World War II. Blast furnaces were turning out tanks, artillery pieces, shells, bombs, small arms and steel warships. Across the planet cities were burned, tankers were being torpedoed, burned and sunk, even human beings were being incinerated in fire bombed cities and crematoria. Burning planes fell from the sky daily!

    In spite of all that, Adolph Hitler had an army of over a million men freeze to death in Russia. So who are these jerks trying to kid?

  9. Florida Jim says:

    For year there was video showing Professor Joel Rogers from the Univ. of Wisconsin and a global warming alarmist, talking to a classroom of students and mocking the global warming myth although he received grants from the global warming scam.In it Joel says "we could stop all carbon emissions and it would have zero effect on global warming" knowing it was a scam and an attempt to gain grants for professors like himself and add taxes to companies who would fall for the carbon emission scam. You see how sincere Al Gore is about it as he sells his failed TV channel to an Arab oil nation not caring one hoot about their oil money making him more wealthy and a hypocrite.

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