Stupid Grids

The Energy Department wasted millions of dollars making improper payments to contractors as part of a stimulus-funded program that federal watchdogs warn is highly susceptible to fraud and waste.

The Obama administration’s push for “smart grid” technology could be the centerpiece of a revamped “green energy” agenda during the president’s second term.

However, the federal government’s existing smart grid development effort, funded extensively by the 2009 stimulus spending bill, is riddled with financial problems, according to a report from the Energy Department’s inspector general released Wednesday.

“In the absence of significant improvements, the program is at risk of not meeting its objectives and has an increased risk of fraud, waste, and abuse,” the IG warned.

The program’s problems are not new. The IG issued similar warnings in areport a year ago.

Read more at The Washington Free Beacon. By Lachlan Markay.


  1. Typical federal government program; throw billions of dollars at a nonexistent problem, identify issues about the program which will eventually require billions more to correct and all done without Congressional oversight. Just a good way for political supporters to line their pockets with taxpayer dollars.

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