Sen. Whitehouse vs the ‘Deniers’

As discussed in an earlier post, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) took to the Senate floor in December last year to lash out at climate ‘deniers.’ Among other allegations, Whitehouse said “deniers tend to ignore facts they can’t explain away.” For example, he continued, ”the increasing acidification of the oceans is simple to measure and undeniably, chemically linked to carbon concentrations in the atmosphere. So we hear nothing about ocean acidification from the deniers.” Not so, I explained.

Prominent skeptics Patrick Michaels and Chip Knappenberger of the Cato Institute discussedthe subject on their old blog, World Climate Report. Another leading skeptical Web site,CO2Science.Org, maintains an ocean acidification database, and the researchers – Drs. Craig, Shirwood, and Keith Idso – review another scientific paper on acidification just about every week. My earlier post concluded: “They don’t share Sen. Whitehouse’s alarm about ocean acidification, but they do not ignore it. The Senator should check his facts before casting aspersions.”

It’s a familiar pattern. Al Gore would have us believe that if we acknowledge the reality of anthropogenic global warming, then we must also believe in his ”planetary emergency” and embrace his policy agenda as a moral imperative. Similarly, the Gorethodox would have us believe that if CO2 emissions make sea water slightly more acidic (actually, slightly less basic), then corals and other calcifying organisms are headed for disaster and, again, we have a moral imperative to stop mountaintop coal mining, block the Keystone XL pipeline, etc.

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  1. Erik Osbun says:

    Dear Senator: It is physically impossible for humans to cause climate change. It is a big lie to say so.

  2. The low information people have invaded the houses of congress.

  3. mjnellett says:

    God created all that is ,in and about our planet and only he has the power to destroy it contrary to what you "chicken little" climate freaks want to believe. It's a money ploy, nothing more, nothing less.

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