Obama Supporters on Climate Bill Costs: No Thanks!

Tom Elliott, producer of the Peter Schiff Show, went to the National Mall to interview Obama supporters at the inauguration. He wanted to know how they felt about green energy and climate change initiatives. All for them, of course. But what were they themselves doing with their own resources? Surely they weren’t just assuming other people would pay for their preferences…


  1. David Marshall says:

    I guess because he didn't interview a white person is because there weren't any there.

    • deniseandros says:

      Don't be so cynical! Of course there were white folks there. Harry and Nancy were in attendance; if only to gloat over the destruction of America.
      Cheer up! If by some miracle, any of us are still alive in 2016; we can, if we are allowed too, gather at the Capitol lawn to hear that ear shattering, muslim, call to prayer. After which, we can continue enjoying the days festivities of public floggings, hangings, gay parades, explosions, and lots of gun fire.

    • No such thing as global warming, it is in Gods hands not ours. This is nothing obama can do to help. This world warms and cools bythe hand of God not obama or anyone else. Obama just wants more of your money and more control of us.

    • No white people because they have jobs and had to be at work. The people interviewed don't even qualify as low information voters. Talk about dumbing down of America.

  2. deniseandros says:

    That should be an embarrassment to Liberals everywhere. The rest of us can find some small measure of comfort in knowing that those who supported Obama, and his minions, will live to see their own children ensnared in the very trap that they have gleefully set for the rest of us.

  3. Erik Osbun says:

    There is NO human influence on climate change. Climate CANNOT BE controlled by ANYBODY. Obama is lying to you yet again.

    • newmorning says:

      It's not and never has been, as I suspect you know Erik, about global warning/change! It's about UN Agenda 21 and taking over of America! everyone get involved and learn at the local level what they're doing in your county/township etc….Sustainable Development is part of the scheme to take away property rights. Watch out America you've been asleep far too long. God Bless America.

    • Right on, he continues to lie and I believe the father oflies.

  4. hanginjudge says:

    Gotta love the left wing hypocrisy. A nation duped by lack of education and totally devoid of common sense. Maybe we should stop referring to it as "common" sense!

  5. Dumb! Dumb! Dumb!

  6. mac12sam12 says:

    Talking about endangering our children and future generations and spends money like a whore who stole a credit card.

  7. These stupid blacks need to go back to school and learn something they love ovmit because he is black and gives them free stuff they should not be able to vote until they can learn to read and under stand the constution they are blind and dont understand anything

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