Obama won’t propose carbon tax

Despite President Obama’s renewed attention to climate change, as expressed in his inaugural address, the White House is ruling out any plans to propose a tax on carbon emissions favored by many environmentalist groups.

White House spokesman Jay Carney on Wednesday confirmed that Mr. Obama would pursue stricter carbon-pollution regulations through the Environmental Protection Agency, expanding rules on carbon-emitting plants so they cover existing power plants, as well as newly built ones.

But Mr. Carney repeatedly refused to say whether Mr. Obama would expend any political capital to back climate-change legislation on Capitol Hill, even as environmentalists call on him to get behind new measures.

“I can’t comment on any specific future actions that he might take,” Mr. Carney said, “except that he has demonstrated his record during his first term that we can, together, take action that is not only helpful to our environment in that it addresses the issue of climate change, but it is also helpful in our long-term economic vitality by ensuring that we make investments in new energy technology.”

Sen. Bernard Sanders, Vermont independent and self-described socialist who caucuses with the Democrats, said he plans to introduce legislation in February that will charge companies a fee for carbon pollution, in addition to ending tax subsidies for oil and coal companies and making “historic investments” in renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar, geothermal and biomass. The bill, he said, would also give consumers a rebate “to offset any efforts by the fossil-fuel companies to jack up their prices,” he said in a statement.

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  1. Jeanne Ballard says:

    Obama will say the EPA did it….gutless wonder ….American hater…Lord of the Flies….Something wicked this way comes

  2. Remember reading about Kings and Queens? They all had a court jester, to amuse, not only them, but also the court. I believe Carney is nothing more then King Obama's court jester. The only thing wrong, is that Carney isn't at all funny or amusing.

  3. Pompasass! The Country is in a deep freeze, nature has been changing periodically for hundreds of thousands of years before automobiles or spray cans were invented, ot flatulence was measured! There has been TRILLIONS of OUR money spent on trying to force results that say otherwise, just as 0'BamaCare
    swore it would lower health costs! SOMEWHERE or someone has to stand up and stand out long enough to take a stand for Americas future! Go to Washington for ONE DAY! Try to get around the construction barriers, cones, cranes, workmen, cement mixers, building materials, hard hats, and ask yourself where they are getting the MONEY for all this? Then look in the MIRROR! And then find the nearest LOBBIEST!
    Our economy is in shambles but NOT Washington!

  4. deniseandros says:

    Obama wouldn't pass up any opportunity to steal from Americans. Everyone knows that carbon dioxide is the second most essential gas to life. There would be no oxygen without it. Now, I'm all for people picking up their trash and not flushing excrement into any of our water supplies. However, anyone possessing anything close to a rational mind knows that this 'carbon footprint' crap, is nothing more than a carbon cartel; designed to pick our collective pockets.
    When G-d CREATED this planet, He put in place a system to rid the atmosphere of carbon, and it has worked flawlessly. Moreover, He did it without Obama, Gore, or Pelosi's help.

  5. Horace Hoopenheimer says:

    No carbon tax ? hmmm, when will bho learn us thet rayn aint really wet??? hmmmmm?

  6. Richard Wm. Faith says:

    obamA's hypocrisy has blatantly exposed itself in the concessions he has made to Chinese oil interests while he continues to obstruct domestic drilling. It doesn't take much intelligence at all to understand that:
    1) Burning a given quantity of oil produces precisely the same amount of carbon dioxide when the combustion takes place in China as when the combustion takes place anywhere else, including but not limited to the United States of America;
    2) If indeed such a thing as climate change is in any way contributed to by man-made carbon dioxide emissions, then Chinese carbon dioxide is not one iota less damaging than American carbon dioxide.
    3) In view of 1) and 2) as stated above, there is compelling reason to believe that obamA's REAL motive for harping about carbon dioxide is NOT concern for the global environment, but IS to sacrifice American SOVEREIGNTY for HIS OWN SELFISH GAIN.

  7. jetstream says:

    Smoke and mirrors. Obama doesn't have to propose a carbon tax. Because there is no limiting oversight mechanism for the EPA's actions, he can use the EPA to enact every damaging, insufferable "climate change" policy he chooses. The EPA needs to be eliminated immediately and replaced with a department that does not have unlimited power to over-reach..

    • Richard Wm. Faith says:

      "eliminated immediately and replaced with…"? "Replaced with"? "REPLACED"?

      I think not! How about, "eliminated permanently and irrevocably, NEVER to be replaced"?

      Remember: without exception, ALL SO-CALLED "regulatory agencies" are nothing more and nothing less than intentional end-runs around due process of law.

  8. He has been using the epa to kill coal and oil for four years . Why change now ??? HIs veiw is to hell with the economy !!

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