Republicans threaten ‘formal action’ over EPA head’s ‘Richard Windsor’ emails

House Republicans are threatening “formal action” against the Environmental Protection Agency unless the agency hands over records about Administrator Lisa Jackson’s use of a secondary government email account.

Republicans allege that Jackson’s use of an internal account under the alias “Richard Windsor” undercuts the agency’s transparency.

Top Republicans on the Science, Space and Technology Committee sent the EPA a letter Thursday that says the agency has failed to comply properly with prior requests for records about use of “dual, secondary and non-public” email accounts by EPA officials.

The letter suggests a subpoena could be in the offing if lawmakers don’t get what they want, noting, “Failure to respond may result in formal action requiring EPA’s compliance.”

“The American public deserves to know whether Administrator Jackson’s secret email accounts were appropriately maintained by the agency according to requirements by federal law,” Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas) said in a statement.

Read more at The Hill. By Ben German.


  1. since the court has weighed in on the obama dynastys reign of unconstitutional acts, Congress needs to bring formal charges up on all of Obamas questionalble and actuaal acts and those of his poorly appointed toodies

  2. ENOUGH with the threats, defund the agency until and unless they fully disclose their fraudulent files and their full agenda including teh E-Mails that they have been using to accomplish their radical agenda.
    An agenda, incidently, that is based on junk science and has led to decisions that totaly disregard the impact on business and the citizens in favor of the agenda itself. CLEAN AT ANY COST. Screw the public.

  3. EPA is crooked Ovmit is useing it to get hih climent change put in We have to stop them look at all the jobs that are gone because of them they are evil and need to be stoped They are trying to take over everything this is Ovmits way of doing his evil crap do not give them a dime close them down

  4. deniseandros says:

    Right now, I don't give a rats tooth about Lisa Jackson, she is small potatoes. What i want to know is why the Republicans haven't been working at defunding the EPA.

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