A Year Later, Keystone XL Still a Good Decision

After being sworn-in this weekend, President Obama will soon receive a second shot at approving the Keystone XL pipeline that will bring oil down from Canada to Gulf Coast refineries.

Last year the President rejected the permit application at a time when America desperately needed jobs, and when his own State Department concluded that the project was environmentally safe. A year later, the arguments are still the same: Keystone XL will be a great economic boon and will be environmentally sound. As the State Department concludes its re-review of Keystone XL, the President should use his second chance wisely and approve the permit to construct the pipeline.

As a decision nears, both supporters and opponents of the pipeline are stepping up efforts to sway the President’s decision. The Canadian premier of Saskatchewan recently called on President Obama to approve the pipeline and sent a letter to the President along with 10 U.S. governors. Proponents of the pipeline’s construction understand that the project will bring thousands of jobs, increased economic activity, and billions in property tax revenue. Keystone XL is set to generate $1.8 billion in economic activity in Nebraska alone.

Read more at The Foundry. By Nicolas Loris.



  1. Somewhere along the line Obama is going to have to pay off his union buds; it might as well be with the Keystone PL.

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