Al Gore sells out global warming cause for millions

You have to admit that since retiring from public office 13 years ago, Al Gore has done pretty well for himself.

He’s won a Nobel Prize and an Oscar for his efforts to publicize the catastrophic effects of global warming. He’s enriched himself to the tune of several hundred million dollars by cleverly investing in government-subsidized green energy businesses and he became a cable television network owner to boot.

He and his partners recently sold their network, Current TV, and made a tidy profit. Mr. Gore’s share? A reported $100 million. Despite his best efforts to get the deal done before the new year to avoid the tax increases foisted on rich people like himself by his fellow Democrats, he failed. Too bad. But then, it only cost him a few extra million dollars. He won’t starve. And he’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that he did his part to help the U.S. government continue to fund programs so vital that not a single spending cut could be found to help reduce the deficit.

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  1. NoBamaNoMo says:

    ….only those millions that were stupid enough and followed his scam to begin with. Sad thing is that the most evil people are usually rewarded with the most earthly riches and hardworking, honest people struggle through life to make ends meet. But then again, he is a democrat, what do you expect from these low lifes.

    • Florida Conservative says:

      AMEN … IF he were a Republican or Conservative….the lapdog media would be hollering from every roof-top! But how quiet they are….just a second or two…if that…is all they mention. Sickening isn't it!

  2. I hope the fat pig eats his self to death and it will be soon He makes me sick to look at the pig he has lots of money but that is all he has and when he is dead he cant take it with him and he sure cant lie to god because god nos what he has done

  3. Horace Hoopenheimer says:

    Good for algore, sounds like algea doesn't it. Oh yeh, Force him to hold all procedes safe that he can enjoy, but only for his own personal self and unable to pass it on to anyone at all.. When his time is up for this world he will have to have the moneys creamated, and how ever his final wishes are set up to bury the ashes with his remains. Screw the parasites who would be schreaking and squabling for a hand out. With that chit out of circulation will give the dollar more value for everyone

  4. Florida Conservative says:

    The Global Warming…which they have now changed to 'CLIMATE CHANGE'…sounds better..anyway, all those Gore buddies are being made millionaires. Well, Tripper had it with him and moved on with her life..and Chubby Gore is getting fatter, with a bigger mouth…lol

  5. The two biggest scams in over 100 years: Obama fraudulently becoming president(OMG, not once but twice) and Al Gore;s spearheading the new religion, "Global Warming" then selling out for twenty pieces of silver. Then the fools who became his disciples are still bearing down insisting that the sky is still falling even though real sane scientists have proven that man's activity is at best a very small part of the carbon emissions.

  6. I hope Al is fat and happy; the fatter he is the longer it will take for him to be consumed by the fires of Hell and for that know it all grin to to morph into shrieks of absolute terror.

    Have a nice day!

  7. Gore is a crook. He needs to go to prison and his assets should go toward the national debt.

  8. I have come to the conclusion that we all have a little blame global warming and its consequences and guilt even more politicians who do not slow down.

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