EPA Doubles Down on ‘Richard Windsor’ Stonewall

After First admitting to Jackson’s false identity, EPA pretends it doesn’t exist

So much for we have nothing to hide.

In EPA’s first production of Lisa Jackson’s secondary or “alias” email account traffic in what is now known as the “Richard Windsor” FOIA lawsuit, EPA has apparently decided to not search Richard Windsor account(s).

That is, EPA seemingly is pretending — to the court, as well as Congress and the American taxpayer — that the Windsor account doesn’t exist. That’s the one they previously acknowledged exists. The one they claimed was used for internal correspondence (at least, certain internal correspondence).

The only other reasonable interpretation of EPA’s deliberately phrased position is that Jackson used Richard Windsor for all of her correspondence to Agency staff. As this is readily disproved, it is fair to read EPA’s position as deciding to not acknowledge the previously acknowledged Windsor account as a Jackson secondary or alias account. They are choosing to not search it in CEI v. EPA seeking certain emails to or from her secondary or “alias” accounts. This is troubling.

Read more at Watts Up With That. By Chris Horner.


  1. Florida Jim says:

    Add this to Benghazi, Fast & Furious for the impeachment proceedings to come, I can't wait.

  2. Put them all in jail and defund the organization. Then repeal or neutralize all the BS rules she has enacted during her Reign. This oragnization has fostered a radical agenda internally and has attemped to force it on this country. Most, if not all of it based on junk science.

  3. JAIL, Jail, Jail !

  4. Hang the bitch

  5. can we pronounce covering up for a pet black

  6. she is just doing what her black master tells her to do, I agree defund the epa and jail them all until the we wring the truth out of them, water boarding comes to mind, quick and easy , at a low cost !!!

  7. Bippy Bellito says:

    The EPA is a Criminal Enterprise headed by the most corrupt woman in politics, Lisa Jackson. She is a Bully, Thug, and Criminal from the birthplace of Criminality, New Orleans. She honed her "talents" under Jon Corzine in NJ, robbing that state of 1.2 billion dollars. For some reason, the State of NJ and its Governor, Chris Christie refuses to bring charges against her or Corzine. Why?????

  8. Huapakechi says:

    May I suggest a course of waterboarding or let me privately interview the principals and their attorneys. I've had excellent results with a propane torch and pliers.

  9. servant1951 says:

    The EPA must be decommissioned and shut down before this socialistic rat-nest takes this wonderful country completely apart, and serve it on a platter to the chief socialist body of the united nations.

  10. EHeassler USN-Ret. says:

    Really!? We would have to be naive to expect this administration to investigate its own criminality. These are the same people that armed Mexican cartels, armed Al Qaeda in Libya and then stood by and watched them murder our Ambassador, that has communist and muslim sympathizers in key positions and are led by the Fraud-In-Chief.

  11. ….and so much for "transparency", guess that means we can see right thru em !

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