Senator: EPA Windsorgate email privacy redaction claims are ‘fishy’

Senate Environment and Public Works Committee ranking minority member David Vitter of Louisiana smells something “fishy” with the Environmental Protection Agency’s claim that it redacted names on “Richard Windsor” emails it made public yesterday in order to protect privacy.

“This strikes me as incredibly fishy and begs a number of important questions,” Vitter said. “The EPA needs to honor the president’s pledge of transparency and release these documents without redaction of the Administrator’s email address – a big first step toward removing the blanket of secrecy in this agency.”

Vitter was referring to Monday’s posting by EPA of a redacted email address used by outgoing Administrator Lisa Jackson in connection with a federal Freedom of Information Act lawsuit concerning her use of the non de plume “Richard Windsor” in a government email account. It is illegal for government officials to use fake names in emails discussing official business.

Read more at The Washington Examiner. By the Examiner Watchdog Staff.


  1. dcartmill says:

    A little fishie…Nay, it is vile and stinketh of S***. If you don't take the bull by the horns ( some risk involved Poetically "The coward dies a thousand deaths the Braveman dies but once") then you are dealing with the wrong end and subject to the stinketh there of… Hey ! ! ! everything about this administration is about misdirection or bullying…Never tell the truth if a "lie" will do. Ask not." what can I do for my country " , but "what can my country give up to keep me and my Party in comfort and power"

  2. Huapakechi says:

    May I suggest that waterboarding is in order?

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