UPDATED! Glitches mar EPA release of first batch of ‘Windsorgate’ emails

Officials with the Environmental Protection Agency posted a file late today containing approximately 2,100 of a promised first tranche of 3,000 “Windsorgate” emails sent by and to the agency’s administrator, Lisa Jackson.

Jackson admitted last month to using the non de plume “Richard Windsor” on a government email account. She said the name came from her dog and that she only used the account for internal messaging within EPA.

It is against federal law for government officials to use email accounts bearing fake names to conduct official business.

Technical glitches marred the release, however, as a link on the EPA web site to the emails initially would not work. Later in the afternoon, it would only open to a cover letter explaining that only 2,100 emails were being released today instead of the promised 3,000.

The agency must make public all 12,000 of the controversial emails and had agreed to do so in four tranches, with today being the first release.

Read more at The Washington Examiner. By the Examiner Watchdog Staff.


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