EPA E-mail Scandal Fits Pattern Of Its Secrecy

As a candidate for president, Barack Obama promised to lead the most open, most transparent administration in history. He has not kept that promise. Time and again, members of his administration have failed to keep faith with the American people. Acting in secret, they have taken sometimes extraordinary steps to shield their actions from the public.

The latest example involved Lisa Jackson, who has led the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency since the beginning of the president’s first term. Jackson is resigning, but only after it was revealed she used a fake name (Richard Windsor) to create a fake e-mail address to conduct official EPA business.

What Jackson did contravenes federal law which, because as a nation we value open and transparent government, prohibits such behavior.

This is not the first time the EPA has been in the spotlight because its administrator acted against the interests of transparency. Carol Browner, who led the agency under Bill Clinton and then served for a time as President Obama’s “environmental czar” – ordered the hard drive on her government computer erased and reformatted and all backup tapes destroyed only hours after a federal judge had ordered the EPA to preserve all agency e-mail records.

This conduct, the use of phony e-mail addresses and the erasure of computers pose an interesting question: What is the EPA and its administrators doing that they are so unwilling to have their official communications become public? It doesn’t paint a pretty picture for the left’s agenda or its methods of implementation.

Read more at Breitbart.com. By George Landrith and Peter Roff.


  1. What do you espect from the CRIMINALS in the white house?????? Starting with obambam they should all be charged with crimes.

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