EPA’s Jackson Leaves Legacy of Higher Costs, Less Consumer Choice

Lisa Jackson will retire from her position as head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) this month as the most prolific regulator of her class of Obama administrators. This is not a distinction to be coveted.

Under Jackson’s leadership, the EPA has issued 1,824 regulations. For context, the Department of Energy whipped up 83 regulations in the same period, and the Department of Labor issued 51 regulations.

Of the hundreds of EPA regulations under Jackson, 20 are considered “major regulations,” meaning the expected cost of compliance breaks $100 million. Using the EPA’s conservative estimates, these 20 rules will cost more than $7 billion in one-time initial compliance and $44.86 billion in annual direct compliance costs, according to Heritage research fellow Diane Katz.

However, the overall drain these regulations will have on the economy is not calculable, because companies respond by redirecting resources to meet government compliance rather than company growth, job creation, and innovation.

Read more at The Foundry. By Katie Tubb.


  1. That is still 1958 regulations too many.


    what a wretched, wicked, monstrous, meniacle, diabolically corrupted sorry excuse for a "public [self serving] servant". These types deserve no less than to be tarred and feathered, strung up in town square by their toes,displayed to the public,peers,family,friends,foes,and associates to see, made to be an example for future wannabe genocidal henchmen serving the likes of the Obama administration. Jerry Browns' no better, his henchman [Mary Nichols] with the California air resource board or [CARB] I'm certain would hire this wretch in a heartbeat to "serve" the good people of Ca. Who said monsters don't exist? They could all use some anger management therapy,cause it makes you wonder what in the hell did we the people do to deserve this treatment from our sitting president? I am PERPLEXED!!!!

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