Obama EPA Forces Company to Cut Jobs, Spend $6 million on Green Agenda

A settlement forced by the Obama Administration’s Environmental Protection Agency on a Wisconsin power company has forced an employer to prepare to cut jobs and spend millions paying for the Obama Administration’s green energy agenda. The EPA has entered into a consent decree with the Wisconsin Public Service Corporation (WPS) after federal regulators alleged that two of the company’s coal-fired power plants were in violation of the Clean Air Act. The company disputes the claim.

Under the leadership of Obama appointed EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, the federal agency has been on a crusade to fundamentally reshape portions of the economy. In addition to using its regulatory power to wage war on coal fired power plants, the EPA has pushed an aggressive green energy agenda that has been criticized by some experts as long on politics but short on science.

In Wisconsin, that dual thrust has collided as Wisconsin Public Service Corporation prepares to spend $300 million to upgrade two power plants, pay a $1.2 million fine to the EPA, and spend no less than $6 million on specific green energy projects outlined by the Obama EPA.

The company has already indicated they are likely to lay off workers and possibly shutter the two power plants. Ironically, in making their case to the EPA, company officials noted that fulfillment of a large part of the EPA’s regulatory imposition would be accomplished by plant upgrades they were already working on.

Administrator Jackson has used the Clean Air Act as justification for her war on coal fired power plants. But at least one former EPA administrator believes the Act is being used today for something it was never intended for. William Reilly, who led the EPA under President George H.W. Bush, told The New York Times in 2011, that Jackson is trying to use “the Clean Air Act to try to accomplish something for which it was never designed, the control of carbon dioxide.”

Read more at Red State. By Brian Sikma.


  1. Simple: The communist agenda to destroy America. Adam West was wrong about 80 communists in Washington……….almost 90%. And ALL the leaders. Obama is about to demonstrate his contempt for our laws and constitution. "first disarm the population, then arm the dissident group, (35 training camps for Muslim radicals?) then after the revolution is in power…..disarm everybody to facilitate the purges". (some might realize what they have done) This the history of ALL communist takeovers.

  2. WPS is in business to generate and market electrical power so what gives EPA the authority to dictate they have to spend 6 mil on green projects? It doesn't even specify what those projects are to involve. I guess the board of WPS probably figure it is cheaper to waste 6 mil than to waste 30 mil on fighting it in court.

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