The EPA does NOT love you

The “Political Port” goes off on the hypocrisy of the EPA (contains brief strong language)…


  1. Could have done without all the foul language.

  2. Incredulous1 says:

    "DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN!!!" I'm sick to death of soccer-moms justifying every sacrifice of American Liberty, "for the sake of the children!" Only one of the stupid justifications for the EPA! Hey Mom! Explain to your precious kids why their electric bills will be 10 times what you paid because you, MOM, didn't demand the EPA be abolished when they shut down coal-fired (inexpensive) electric plants.

  3. EPA has gone to far in our lives.

  4. Florida Jim says:

    The EPA, The Obama administration and Obama himself is responsible for America not coming out of the Obama recession. He and they keep us ever raising the debt ceiling and have added $7,000,000,000,000 to the debt since Bush left office. Obama can blame Bush all he wants but the $7 trillion is his alone more than all other Presidents combined.. If we had a legitimate media, such as O'Reilly,we would be aware of the profligacy of Obama and his plans to destroy America through our economy, which is what Bin Laden predicted.Obama demagogies every issue and lies without accountability. With Romney we would be on the path to wealth reopening the oil and gas energy system which Obama has greatly shutdown even as he claims credit for "more oil wells have been opened under me than ever" which is another Obama lie he is claiming credit for the wells Bush opened before he left and the wells opened under private which Obama can't control.We have more energy than any country on earth and only The EPA and Obama are keeping it from us! Study this and you will vomit at the duplicity of Obama and kick yourself for not electing Romney.

  5. 1-Eddie-1 says:

    She makes some good points, however, she could find better words to voice her opinion. Her use of profanity detracts from her argument.

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