New Keystone XL Pipeline in the Works?

OMAHA — Nebraska’s controversial Keystone XL pipeline has gotten another boost from regulators. They have planned a new route that could circumvent the ecologically-sensitive areas that led to the U.S. government denial last year.

The route, which goes from Alberta down to Nebraska, will cost a projected $5.3 billion and is backed by TransCanada, Corp. It will avoid the controversial Sand Hills area but still reaches the important Ogallala aquifer.

The pipeline will connect Canada’s booming oil sands industry with the important refineries and ports along the Texas Gulf Coast. The interesting point is that the State Department’s environmental report is soon to be released, and could decide the fate of this new pipeline proposal.

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  3. It will maintain a strategic distance from the dubious Sand Hills zone yet achieves the imperative Ogallala aquifer.

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