ABC Hypes High Temperatures to Push for Climate Change ‘Action’

All three evening newscasts on Tuesday hyped a report that 2012 was the hottest on record for the United States. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the whole planet is getting warmer…


  1. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Six thousand years ago North Africa was a lush verdant paradise. Over the subsequent two thousand years it morphed into the Sahara Desert. That tells us two things: 1) Climate will change, 2) Man doesn't cause, and cannot prevent it.

  2. Heidi Cullen is about as honest as what's his name in the WH. She once recommended any meteorologist who didn't believe in global warming should have their certification revoked. Just another Agenda 21 propagandist.

  3. If ABC and the other liberal media think it's hot now wait till God Almighty fulfills Malach 4:1 and II Peter 3:7. And Rev Algore, great high priest of the Mother Earth Worshippers, will be unable to stop it…

  4. There is nothing that can be done to alter climate. However, you can fight forest fires and help to prevent them with dead brush removal campaigns.

  5. ConservaDave says:

    Whether or not this was actually America's hottest year on record, they failed to talk about world wide temperatures. The land mass of the U.S.A covers less than 2% of the world's total surface area (land and water) so to draw a world wide conclusion from less than 1/50 of the world is foolish. Europe and northern Asia had extremes in the cooler direction, Antarctic ice cover increased. Paul Simon once sang that "a man hears just what he wants to hear and disregards the rest." How true for these fanatics!

  6. Global warming is cyclical as proven by ancient glacier ice cores….. years ago I read we are approaching the end of the ice age! When will people ever get this through their heads?

  7. Atlantagirl says:

    WHY is no one here, or anywhere ELSE in most media even saying the words CHEM TRAILS??? The Gov't w/EPA/NOAA/NASA blessings is chemically controlling our weather…draughts, floods, hurricanes wherever they want them to happen…agenda 21? seems to be! draught/flood to kill off the crops or remove the topsoil, cloud seeding w/heavy metals, aluminum, carbon (have you even SEEN a REAL cloud in last 6-8 months?) do you really think this FLU pandemic is a fluke? NOT! are you trees dying from the TOP down? are your birds, butterflies and helpful bugs disappearing?…LOOK UP and then DEMAND the gov't make this all stop!

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