Lisa Jackson’s Destructive Crusade

If it seemed like retiring EPA Chief Lisa Jackson carried out her job with a religious zeal, you’d be right.

Barack Obama’s pick as his first EPA administrator told a 2010 National Council of Churches conference in New Orleans that government and religious leaders must unite in their “moral obligation” to heal the planet and “build on the religious and moral reasons for being good stewards of our environment.”

“The question now is, ‘What we can do?’” the green-church devotee concluded, adding that her efforts were blessed by the White House’s Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnership.

Her legion of Washington media disciples — who would have condemned such moral bravado by the Religious Right — ignored her rhetoric. But in punishing those she deems carbon sinners, Lisa Jackson has done enormous harm to American workers.

Read more at National Review Online. By Henry Payne.


  1. Another example of communism

    • No, not communism. It's prep-work for Agenda 21.

    • Faith-based? In the "meekness" of Conservatives? In the "complacency" of Conservatives? In the "lack of power" of Conservatives? In the "stupidity" of Conservatives? The BULLYING Ultra Left Liberal Socialists are making a mistake! We have seen our beloved Country reach depths of despair and harm like NEVER before! Those we were warned about since our Nation was FOUNDED now have an honored place in our Government, Washington, and our White House! We've embrace our enemies and rebuff our allies! Our Constitution has been trodden on, and ignored! Religion of the world are welcomed and practiced! Except Christianity! Symbols of other religions can be displayed but Christian symbols! Our RIGHTS are being denied, yet no comes to OUR aid out of fear they will lose their POSITION in the Political HIERARCHY! It is ALL about Politics! If we want it to CHANGE it will be up to CONSERVATIVES to do it! We need to alert our State Representatives and let then KNOW how we feel! THEIR future Political future is at stake if they don't act! NOW!!

  2. Glad she is resigning. She among others are very much against our country. This is hard for me to understand. Would she or any of the others here that hate this country so much have the same opportunity in any other country? I think not. All of this destruction has got to stop.

  3. it seems to me that what she had done would be criminal…using e-mails like that ….instead of just resigning…she should be fined very heavily,and sent to jail….we can not expect the criminal justice dept headed by the criminial holder to do anything….isn't there any body that can bring up charges against her for doing these e-mails on the sly????

  4. In the words of that great old Roy Clark song, "Thank God and Greyhound, You're Gone!"

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