Obama’s Cap-and-Trade Scheme for Cars

Ever since the Senate rejected President Obama’s cap-and-trade scheme in 2009, his administration has been hard at work to find other ways to implement a radical, environmentalist agenda.

Obama made these intentions clear at a press conference in 2010 when he explained, “Cap and trade was just one way of skinning the cat. … It was a means, not an end, and I am going to be looking for other means to address this problem.” And this is a promise he’s doing his best to keep.

With the help of the Environmental Protection Agency and other departments, this administration has relied on backdoor, behind-the-scenes tactics to impose stringent mandates in order to regulate what it has been unable to legislate. This tactic empowers unelected bureaucrats in Washington to implement rules that have far-reaching, negative impacts on our nation’s economy and the way we live our lives.

The Obama Administration’s announcement of new fuel-efficiency standards is a good example of its determination to regulate through administrative fiat.

Average cost of new car will increase $3,000

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  1. for all the conservatives the reason the left keeps gaining ground is that they always hang together , never actually compromise, and never give up/.\

  2. Every congressman who does not vote to charge at least one of these two should be removed from office.

  3. Everyone don't have their own vehicle for such activities, they arrange it in rent. It will takes place in emergency. We can get vehicles in rental within a short period of time.It is good that our administration and legislation constitution now conscious about car cash as it is an illegal activity. Car crash is considered as a crime and the punishment is also so hard and the license of the driver cancelled. The picture from above shows a horror able imagination related to life.

  4. How on earth can you even begin to talk about taxes, when it comes to people lives? This is a small village where young and vulnerable people should be able to go out and enjoy the place where they live, not have to contend with the increasing traffic that uses these roads to race at high speeds. ANY traffic calming measures are valid in my opinion; cars do not have a right to push our children and elderly people into their homes, because the area is not safe.

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