Chris Horner Discusses Lisa Jackson’s Resignation on CNBC

Mr. Horner discovered Lisa Jackson’s lawbreaking in the first place and is happy to see she is going. In fact, I think Mr. Horner is the single person most responsible for Ms. Jackson’s departure…


  1. Richard Cancemi says:

    Lisa Jackson is using the EPA to carry out Obama's wishes to carry out the UN's wishes to carry out their wishes of Agenda 21.
    The EPA has become an agency of destruction in the sense that it is using itself as a strong arm to destroy industry and private development. It imposes draconian rules and prohibitions and fines to cripple any development that is not in tune with the Progressive agenda which is Agenda 21 of the UN to control all aspects in the life of Nations and their peoples' choices.
    Not only must Ms Jackson go; but, the EPA must also go!

  2. Fire all EPA employees who also used these false name emails and failed to blow the whistle. This should encourage future employees to refuse to participate or be otherwise intimidated by criminal management.

  3. Villalvazo says:

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