Why Did Lisa Jackson REALLY Resign?

Jay Sekulow appeared on Fox News to discuss EPA Chief Lisa Jackson’s resigning over misuse of alias email accounts. It appears there was an intent to hide information and deceive. The matter was discovered when a freedom of information act request was submitted.


  1. By George says:

    The whole of the Obama administration is a criminal enterprise, totally in violation of the Constitution, court rulings, and the law in general, on top of which, regardless of the caterwauling of the press, Obama's legitimacy is still in question. They are all criminals, cannot be trusted and are set on a purposely designed course to destroy the once great America. The Democrat party has to be redefined as the criminal enterprise it really is, then we can start the process of readjustment. But not until.

    • By George, I believe you are correct.
      Is there any legal recourse? I believe they also control the courts and are daring us to seek retaliatory violence.
      They have successfully created a Gordian Knot (A legendary knot tied to a pole near the temple of Zeus in Gordium. It was prophesied that whoever loosed the knot would become ruler of all Asia. Alexander the Great solved the puzzle by slicing through the knot and took it as a sign of Zeus's favor.) binding men of peace to their destructive policies

    • u r so rite i think all of them should be fired

    • …. but none of them know anything!!!!!

    • annscorner says:


  2. Rules by liberal standards apply only to conservatives. The FOIA act is one of the biggest jokes ever written down on paper. Even if LJ has resigned the inspector general investigation should go forward and she should be held accountable for illegal activities when discovered. They will be discovered it is just a matter if the public will ever find out about them.

  3. John Detwiler says:

    First it was appointment of Communist Czar, then the Justice Dept. involvement in Fast and Furious. then Obama's decidedly illegal and unconstitutional Executive orders. Now this excuse of an honest person who deviously used the name of her dog in emails to further her extreme and often illegal motives.This has to be the most corrupt administration in our history. And the most disdainful thing of all is the leftist media's fawning acceptability of it.

  4. DemocRAT party is the party of "criminal, corruption, lies, cheat & voter fraud" = communist = Big gangster.

  5. This devious member of Obama's admin, is typical of his entire staff with their misleading actions and outright lies from the Attorney General, Eric Holder down to his advisors and czars who want to fundamentally change our entire lives and make freedom extinct in America. All in a days work under Obama's "TRANSPARENCY" program. The only thing transparent is his desire to make America a Fourth Reich Gestapo Police State.

  6. Florida Jim says:

    When you speak of Obama and his administration you are talking "Chicago sleaze" Lisa Jackson is one more in a long, long list of dishonest people whom Obama hired and continues to employ, with raises for all, in spite of their dubious ethical credentials.Jackson leaves quickly, Obama flies to Las Vegas fund-raiser while 4 Americans in Benghazi are begging for support; Hillary flies off to Australia on a unplanned vacation within days after the deaths of these 4 Americans and delays testifying before Congress with phony excuses until she claims she has a blood clot in her brain,, which , if true, is dangerous but the Benghazi people are still dead with no suitable answers from Obama or Hillary.Watergate had no deaths and involved a Republican so the media shows no interest in the enormous Benghazi scandal far worse than Watergate!

  7. Wade Sims says:

    When is the oposition party going to get up on their hind legs and do something! We need constitutional fighters, not pushover establishment politicans

  8. Come on Obscumbo – Lisa Jackson has the courage to quit — We are on your ARSE, why not serve the country and tender your resignation today buddy boy? You criminal chump you!

  9. This is crime and criminal enterprise and should spend few years in Guantanamo for their sins.

  10. THE EPA IS SO FILTHY>>it has to be dissolved along wit Dept of Interior ,the Gay IRS and Dept of Census They are all headed by FEMS SAME AS SEBELIUS ,THE BLACK CATHOLIC.


  1. […] former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson resigned in disgrace earlier this year after allegations surfaced that she had created a false identity under the name […]

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