EPA Regulations Cost How Much?!

Transparency is the lifeblood of democracy. Washington needs more of it, especially in the all-too-opaque world of regulation. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), for example, is the most expensive federal regulatory agency. Its annual budget is fairly modest in Beltway terms, at a little less than $11 billion, but that’s not where the vast majority of its costs come from. Complying with EPA regulations costs the U.S. economy $353 billion per year — more than 30 times its budget — according to the best available estimate. By way of comparison, that is more than the entire 2011 national GDPs of Denmark ($332 billion) and Thailand ($345 billion).

That figure doesn’t come from the EPA, which last released such an estimate in 1990, but from the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Wayne Crews, who parsed through publicly available documents, cost estimates of economically significant regulations, and whatever else he could find. That so much effort was required is part of the problem.

The agency should be much more open about the burdens it imposes. It can accomplish this by releasing its own annual estimate of the total cost of all its rules currently in effect. Better yet, given that agencies have an incentive to lowball their costs and highball their benefits, an independent auditor with no skin in the game should perform the estimate every year.

Read more at The Daily Caller. By Ryan Young.


  1. Von Rowley says:

    Abolish EPA. The States and local can protect themselves better and cheaper.

  2. It iis not so much that the EPA should more transparent it is more that the EPA should be disbanded. This organization has vastly exceeded its authority time and time again and has caused unnecessary hardship on millions of small businesses and individuals. Just because Lisa Jackson has been eliminated as its head does not mean it will change its dictatorial oversight. The organization is infested with left wing eco neophytes that think destroying the United States economy will save the world. If there is to an agency to oversee the environment, populate it with sane, responsible adults that understand and can prioritize the interaction of the population with the environment.

  3. the epa is nothing but a bunch of communists trying their best to destroy this country. Congress needs to cut their funding to the bone and force them out.

    • John Detwiler says:

      The EPA is just a farce. It is just another deliberate agency to give the government more control over our lives.

  4. chefrobert1407 says:

    There is no way to stop these corrupt blood sucking Agencies for your own Senator and Representative has sold us out for their portion of the blood stained pieces of silver. They invented these Agencies and put no oversight or controls and now we are being ruled by corrupt Petty Bureaucrats which are out to destroy the Republic. There the Overbearing EPA which destroys people lives and jobs. There is the FDA which has caused thousands of deaths with poison bad drugs with price mark up in the thousands of percent of profit and you complained about the oil companies. Then the FDA allows, for profit, thousands of toxic material to be used in the food and water supply. Then you and your family consume these poison and become sick in mind and body, yet no one mentions it, for you do want to cut into the payola send to your Senators and Congressman. So, have a great new year and just take your poison drugs pushed by a Pharmaceutical/AMA trained doctors and eat your staff of life filled with things like Plastic Foam Chemical and more and above all shut up.

  5. The EPA has turned into a Marxist political organization out to destroy the USA. Congress must totally eliminate the current EPA. This alone will result in a great recovery of our economy.

  6. the entire administration, including harry reed, nancy piglosi and several other democrats and republicans should be arrested and tried for treason and shot immediately. if the public broke the laws of this great country and ignored the constitution as obama and his gang of thugs, we would never see the outside of a prison again.the law is not to be inforced against just the little men. god bless AMERICA.

  7. Florida Jim says:

    The true cost of the EPA is th standing of the United states in world wealth instead of being the most wealthy nation with our oil, gas, coal, nuclear,solar, wind and water driven energy we allow these dolts to hamstring the greatest nation God ever made by silly rules and a course marked to redistribute the wealth of America and give it "more deserving nations" as Lisa Jackson and other enviro whackos have said. No country on earth has more natural energy then the USA and we have allowed these fools to prevent us from exploring, drilling , refining our way to wealth and comfort of our citizens while China, Russia, Canada, Mexico, Norway and 100 other countries use their energy resources to drive their economies. When the truth comes out about the redistribution efforts fostered by George Soros, Warren Buffet, Al Gore and the United Nations forces to take money from America and give it to the corrupt United Nations syndicate to redistribute as they see "right". Are we all fools to follow people like Obama who hate America and have joined the redistribution army to bring down America.

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