Inhofe Sees Senate Deference on Next EPA Chief

The top Republican on the Senate’s environment panel and leading EPA critic predicted Friday that the president’s yet-to-be-named nominee to replace Lisa P. Jackson as EPA administrator will be confirmed.

Despite speculation that confirmation for a successor to Jackson may be difficult, Oklahoma Republican James M. Inhofe said enough Republicans will likely defer to President Barack Obama’s nominee to reach the 60-vote threshold necessary to defeat a filibuster.

“Unless there’s something really negative, you’ll find a lot of Republicans go over to that side — recognizing that it should be the prerogative of the president,” said Inhofe, the ranking member on the Environment and Public Works Committee. “And I don’t agree with that because I think that’s why they have confirmation.”

Jackson, whose four-year tenure at the EPA unfolded in an unusually bitter political environment, announced Thursday that she will leave the agency after next month’s State of the Union address to pursue unspecified new opportunities.

At the EPA, she oversaw a suite of sweeping regulations to control greenhouse gases and other power plant emissions, as well as a crackdown on pollution from mountaintop removal mining. In doing so, she was the public face of what critics called the Obama administration’s “war on coal.”

Read more at Roll Call. By Geof Koss.


  1. Whoever is nominated should be thoroughly vetted. Since when does the government think they have the right to shut down industries just because they want to. They need to be told to go to HELL they don't own the resources that GOD gave this great nation. They are all a bunch of socialists, communists running this country.

  2. The Republicans have NO backbone………..they agree with whoever Obama picks, simply so the Democrats will do the same for a Republican President, if there ever is one again.

    • Our country has been Stolen while we trusted politicians and slept; none of the dogs in Congress will act to recover what has been taken, only the people can do that now,

  3. any republican that supports anything obama does needs to be removed from office next election

  4. Junk Bin is correct and it should happen immediately. We cannot allow Obozzo to appoint another anti business radical environmentalist control freak again. This woman??? has cause major damage to the economic infra structure of this country with her personal war on fossil fuels.

  5. John Stewart says:

    I think he meant RINOs.

  6. I thought the Senate approval of appointments was designed to prevent the kind of travesty such as using Lisa Jackson to bypass the will of the people on issues such as the CO2 hoax. Is the Senate going to vote to bypass itself? Unbelievable!

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