Who Will Succeed Jackson as EPA Head?

After four years in office, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson said on Thursday that she will step down after President Obama’s State of the Union address in January, inviting speculation about who will be named as her successor.

Jackson’s four-year tenure at the agency was busy and productive, but it also was controversial. Since Jackson was confirmed to head EPA in 2009, the agency has undertaken a number of significant and divisive measures, including setting new standards to clean up mercury and other toxic emissions from coal-fired power plants, and setting new standards to limit fine particle soot in the air. EPA played a lead role in establishing new fuel-economy and greenhouse-gas standards for motor vehicles. In 2009, the agency reversed findings made under the Bush administration, declaring that climate change poses a real threat to public health and the environment.

This active administrative role made her a target for lawmakers and pundits who see EPA regulations as symptomatic of the Obama administration’s government overreach, but her leadership did score points within the environmental community, which on Thursday lamented her imminent departure.

“There has been no fiercer champion of our health and our environment than Lisa Jackson, and every American is better off today than when she took office nearly four years ago,” said Frances Beinecke, president of the Natural Resources Defense Council.  “Lisa leaves giant shoes to fill.”

As her exit didn’t come as too much of a surprise to the environmental community, they have long been speculating about whom Obama will choose as her successor.

Read more at National Journal. By Olga Belogolova.


  1. Abigail Adams says:

    I'lll volunteer to take the job. I'll investigate the chemtrails, give power back to the states to regulate their natural resources (oil, coal, gas,etc.), get the Keystone pipeline up and running, then shut down the agency ASAP.

  2. I'll take the job. I would start off by cutiing the staff to 10 people and vacating all leases for offices, vehicles and anything else leased. I would then overturn any and all rules and regulations that have been enacted in the last 25 years. As with Abigail I would turn this tasking over to the states. I would keep the 10 people as janitorial staff. After a year the agency would go down to one person. That person would resign after one year. No more epa.

    • Amen Jack. the epa is a thorn in the side of progress. In addition, take out all the tree huggers after the epa has been abolished. I would elect you immediately but obozo has other plans. He is a sorry a– SOB.

    • Terry Honnold says:

      Amen and absolutely!

  3. It make no difference who gets the job , they are just OBAMA's puppet pushing his agenda for him….

    • Capt. Jerry Hulick says:

      That's a given. Just like the old saw, "garbage in garbage out' whatever. I still can't understand why she hasn't been served to appear before Congress. I think the problem is that Congress doens't have the nuggets to get involved. Its the bamster admin. crooks , thieves ,liers and just plain low life scum. Until he and holder go nothing will change

  4. Smoky the Bear

  5. John Stewart says:

    I'm sure it will be someone who just as fierce an anti business, if not more so, destroyer of Capitalistic values as B.O. Plenty can find.

  6. Look for Obonzo to nominate someone even more radical and controversial as a replacement for Lisa Jackson. We may wind up wishing she had stayed.

  7. The Quadfather says:

    Hey Lisa:
    Don't let the door hit ya on the way out!

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