Climate alarmists on the rise

Ezra Levant is joined by Lord Monckton to examine climate hysteria and its implications.


  1. Richard Cancemi says:

    It's all part of AGENDA 21, the nastiest plan of the UN to subvert Nations and subjugate peoples of the world. It is only one of the UN's plan to effect a One World Government, the Socialist Left's idea of a "Brave New World"!

    What a nightmare that would be! A life worse than The slavery of years gone by. EVERY aspect of our lives would be controlled every minute of every day.

    People must learn about Agenda 21 and fight against it. It already has its roots sunk deeply in all the Nations of the world, particularly in the USA!

  2. Sanity in science espoused by English Lord Monckton is the "common sense" approach.

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