Blow off wind-production tax credit

Wind-energy advocates claim that with just one more extension of the 20-year-old “temporary” wind-production tax credit, wind generation finally could become competitive with conventional sources of electricity. The truth is, it’s never been competitive — and has only appeared to be close because some of its costs have been subsidized and others have been ignored.

Here’s the issue. Wind generation has three unusual indirect costs that no one wants to discuss:

The cost of keeping available the primary fossil-fired plants that must balance wind’s large variations in output, even though adding wind to the system reduces the amount of generation for which they are paid.

The reduced fuel efficiency that wind imposes on those plants.

The cost of long-distance transmission and the losses that come with it.

Read more at The Washington Times. By George Taylor and Tom Tanton



  1. One of the biggest rip offs of the tax payers money is this 'wind farm' boondoggel. They are living on the public welfare. The enviromentalist are a bunch of dimwits like Al Gorsky who are getting rich by their crookedness. Obamination has said that 'global climate change' is going to be a priority of his second term.
    Hurry up honest congressmen and do your job and do something about this commie, muslime Chicago thug.!!!!

  2. blowing off the wind production tax credit seems like fun and I guess I am loving it then.

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