New Facts Prove Man-made Global Warming Is A HOAX

Over these past decades we have been told that man is heating up the globe, melting the polar ice caps, raising the sea levels, growing the deserts and drowning polar bears.

They have tried everything under the sun, while ignoring the sun, to convince us that humankind is destroying the planet. They have manipulated software programs when results did not conform to their ideology, then lied about the results and the manipulations.

Except for labeling us as stupid if we don’t “just believe what they tell us”, they have failed to produce even the smallest bit of evidence that proves this massive ecosystem is being changed by humans. The reason they have not, is they can’t, there isn’t any.

TPATH has, over these years, written to many of these so called scientists and asked them for the proof they claim they have. We informed them that we were intelligent enough to understand any data they could show.

Well, of course TPATH never received anything close to proof. A few told us that CO2 was cumulative and no matter how little man puts in the air, it stays there, and that’s their proof.

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  1. This government scam is even greater than Social Security. But it does make a lot of money for the ones who are behind this. Our planet has undergone numerous climate changes before man was even around, and if these changes occurred before man, they will occur until this planet is gone. And there is nothing MAN can do.

  2. John Stewart says:

    Next thing on the agenda is to fine people for exhaling. Someone should sue the administration for endangering plant life on a global scale.

  3. Anthropogenic Global Warming is a fact, just like the superiority of Marxism, the transparency of the Obama regime, and the honesty of the Democrat party.

    War is Peace. Ignorance is knowledge.

  4. Must be a liberal because we all know laws and common sense and decency ony apply to Republicians._

  5. Laughable nonsense. Even the most ardent 'skeptics' acknowledge that our greenhouse gas emissions are heating up the planet. They only dispute the magnitude of the problem.

    • You're laughable if you believe that … the biggest lie Global Warming Nuts tell is that all science agrees with them … that's Bull.

  6. The Hoax has a more sinister purpose then gullible liberals can comprehend. The real goal is to get all the governments of the world into one system of tax collecting. Thus the chip implant global currency will have a tax collection system in place. The same purpose is behind the new health care law; it is all about the chip implant system.

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