Why Clean-Energy Subsidies Don’t Make Sense For America


  1. John Stewart says:

    The progressive/communist use of "clean energy subsidies" is nothing more than a way for this illicit administration to funnel money to their friends and supporters. In short PAYOFFS just as they have done for everyone who received money from the so called stimulus.

  2. The 'boondoggal of wind energy is nothing but a rip off of the American people." They have been doing it for over 20 years. According to assoc. Press release, '"There are 14000 of these whirly gigs abandoned in the U.S. when the subsidies run out they are left for the people to clean up. The companies evidently do not have to follow the rules. Which includes taking out the concrete base well below the surface of the land. It is a big government theft to be channeled back to the polititions no doubt. Just like solar panels.

  3. There has been a criminal element in Washington that goes beyond just having the finger in the till. It is nothing more than a racketeering scam put on the american people sometimes by force under the guise of being a law, enacted by the scammers. They have gotten so powerful , that even a Judge will not hear evidence that could, and would send them to prison for a very long time. They operate with impunity, never fearing retribution from the American people. Nobody of integrity seems to know how to stop this.

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