Is The Earth The Only Planet Experiencing Climate Change?

Al Gore and company either do not know the answer to this question or do not want you to know it!


  1. I suggest obama and his other liberal freaks go to mars and find out and while you are at it check out the other planets , just take your time we won't need you back here for at least never .

    • John Stewart says:

      I personally think Mercury or Saturn would be better choices. Mercury because they would experience global warming at its best, Saturn because they would be gone forever.

  2. Would you buy a used car from any of these three?

  3. Richard Wm. Faith says:

    What endangers every one of us, most sadly including those of us who know better, is the trust that so many misled voters misplace in such individuals as obamA and gorE. Allow me to explain my odd capitalization of names: in token deference to the rule which requires capitalization of SO-CALLED "proper" names, I DO capitalize; however, I capitalize NOT the first letter, but rather the LAST, so as to express my contempt for the named person(s). Furthermore, I actually go out of my way to follow my same rule when the despised name BEGINS A SENTENCE. Here's an example: "obamA is a despicable person."

  4. Check out the truth for a change.

  5. Instead of worrying about Global Warming, I am worrying about Obama, the EPA and the rest of his partners in crime, and I do mean in crime.

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