Why We Don’t Need a National Energy Plan

Former Senators Trent Lott, Republican of Mississippi, and Byron Dorgan, Democrat of North Dakota, have teamed up to form a Bipartisan Policy Center that is putting out the word that what we is need a Bipartisan National Energy Plan.

As an editor at RealClearEnergy, I must admit I see this story about twice a day.  Every editorial writer in creation has already written his piece about how we need a National Energy Plan.  But bipartisan, hey that must be something new, right?  The two parties working together?   That will do the trick, no?

Well, no.  You see the whole idea of a National Energy Plan is that decisions will be made in Washington.  Then the word will go out telling everyone what to do.  The one thing you can be certain of is that if decisions are made in Washington, not much of anything will get done and the whole thing will become politicized.

Take nuclear energy, for example.  What we have today in the nuclear industry is essentially a huge monopoly organization run out of Nuclear Regulatory Commission headquarters in Rockville, Maryland.  It’s impossible to get anything done today in the nuclear industry without clearing it first through headquarters.

For instance, when I was touring the Cooper Nuclear Station in 2006 in preparation for writing my book, Terrestrial Energy, I saw a large tricycle sitting in front of the administrative building.  I asked my guide what purpose it served.  He explained that no cars were allowed “inside the fence” and employees often found themselves walking long distances around the site in the winter cold.  So they had finally asked the Nuclear Regulatory Commission if they could ride bicycles.  The NRC considered the matter for eight months before coming back with a word that bicycles would be too dangerous but it would allow a tricycle.  So there it was.

Read more at Nuclear Townhall. By William Tucker.


  1. Johnny Hiott says:

    My personal preference would be for trent lott to sit down and just shut up ! It's bad enough this nation must suffer through career policians bent on destroying the wealth of the people. It's worse when they retire or resign in lott's case then become lobbiest and continue their collusion of the destruction of America. It's about time congress learned they don't work for lobbiest they work for the American people ! A personal message for mr. lott. Why don't you get together with yet another idiot al gore and the two of you mind your own business and leave American's alone. Lobbiest should be deported just like former presidents, vice presidents and I'm beginning to think sitting congressmen and current presidents too !

    • Trent Lott is NOT an expert in this area. We Do NOT need an Algore substitute! We need the EPA to be defunded, disbanded, GONE! They have accomplish not one thing of value for the voters of this country!

  2. Trent Lott, former president of the Senate who refused to do his job by trying Bill Clinton on his impeachment. Can't say he is an honorable person to be listening to regarding anything. Trent go home and play with your grandkids and leave us adults alone.

  3. It will be another freedom lost. They keep chipping away at our freedoms don't they?
    "We cannot expect Americans to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of socialism until they suddenly awake to find they have Communism". Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev, 1959. Seems to be working!

  4. I just tried to post this to facebook; They keep chipping away at our Freedoms don't they? "We cannot expect the Americans to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of socialism until they suddenly awake to find they have Communism". Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev 1959. Seems as if they are watching me! So much for Freedom of Speech!

  5. the word nation is a dead give away that it would raise cost, cause another huge hiring jag by the government, benefit donors and public employees and union while screwing the taxpayer AGAIN

  6. Dissgussted says:

    A tricycle because a bike would "be too dangerous"? ! LOL! These bureucrats in DC are unbelievable. Nuclear energy today is coming from plants that have been on-line for a long time, some even past their expected life. No new plants have been built, though I understand some permits are in the process. Every time a new plant is proposed the enviro-whackos do everything they can to stop it.
    I agree with the article that a "National" energy policy is going to be bureacratic and inefficient.
    Besides this regime doesn't want us using any fossil fuels; they want us to be worse than third-world status. They want enerdy costs "to necessarily skyrocket".

  7. Dissgussted says:

    OOps, meant to say policy is going to be bureaucratic and inefficient. Last sentence should read " They (administration – Obama's words) want energy costs to "necessarily skyrocket".

  8. Actually, we DO have a national energy policy. The EPA mandate is to NOT have energy. That is the PROBLEM, not the solution. We need the FREEDOM to produce the resources we have.

  9. Richard Cancemi says:

    Whatever happened to Free Enterprise. We have already given the Government too much control over everything including our lives, that we are now an almost completely Socialistic State.
    The question is: how do we undo this catastophe when the public is so brainwashed by Liberalism AKA Socialism?

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