Meet your new regulator: A Big Green law school

Big Green activists and former federal bureaucrats who just can’t stop trying to regulate your life have become advisers at an ultraliberal law school that sues the government for not doing what its professors want. They are creating not the rule of law, but the rule of lawyers.

The litigious lodge is New York University Law School and its mean junkyard dog, the Institute for Policy Integrity, an adviser-ridden think tank with a cheeky name.

Most recently, this bastion of the dark arts announced it was preparing to sue the Environmental Protection Agency to make the EPA ration how much fuel goes into the U.S. economy from refiners and fuel importers. The lawsuit will demand that the EPA “set up a cap-and-trade system for the transportation sector to rein in greenhouse gas emissions from fuels” — imposed on all the trains, planes and automobiles.

The U.S. Senate nixed a more comprehensive “cap-and-tax” scheme in 2009, but the IPI’s Big Green academic autocracy wants to govern through the backdoor using the court system. If you can’t beat ’em, sue ’em.

Big Green’s presence on the IPI’s 22-member advisory board is impressive: high-ranking officials of the Environmental Defense Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council, World Wildlife Fund, League of Conservation Voters, Resources for the Future and Union of Concerned Scientists. The combined assets of this bunch of BANANA groups (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything) exceed $885 million.

Read more at The Washington Examiner. By Ron Arnold.


  1. Elaine Connelly says:

    Well now that Kerry is back there, Nebraska is ever so more appealable to me. Kerry is a mensch.

    • the sec o state needs to approve the Keystone Pipeline. Johnny antiamerican does not want us to be great , just himself

  2. Obama and Lisa Jackbootman will find the idea of limiting fuel production brilliant. They can work it into their 5 year plans.

  3. smallmpuntain says:

    the lord made the season and he is the able do what he wants about the weather hot or cold snow or rain

  4. WE MUST HAVE A CHANGE IN THE COURT SYSTEM…….If they had to "PAY" for a lose in the court room ALL COSTS OF THE WINNING PARTY + court costs…they'd think twice about trying to USE the courts….the way it is they just keep trying (a new suet starting before the one they are working on is over) till they get the right judge or jury, to rule for they…..

  5. The entire political system is made up of lawyers, judges, and ex-lawyers and ex-judges. The only solution is to start over and limit their power as outlined in the constitution for the REPUBLIC of the United States. Social democracy has no place in a productive world. Socialism is a cancer that destroys the incentive to work. Work is the foundation of wealth and happiness.

  6. Green university law freaks are a public enemy.

  7. To Nonstop; you are right on. Trouble is the lawyers and the judges are in bed together. They are called LEGAL THIEVES. They sued me right out of business. Safety labels don't mean a thing when Lying lawyers see $$$$$$. People watch these Idiots on tv and can't wait to file a claim. (If you had an injury common in, we will whip up a good story for you) Insurance companys are a joke,as they would rather pay off rather than a court fight. Then they jack the premims through the roof. You are out!!!
    Getting back to the main subject: The reeeal problem with pollution IS There are too many people on the planet. The water,the ground, the ocean, the air, Is POLLUTED! The welfare momma,baby,money system has to go. If this keeps up the human race will be doomed! There is no reason for a woman on welfare to pop out babys to 15 and keep going! Their are too many sperm donating good time charlies around. Not to mention the illegals having kids to stay in the US. Dump the liberials! This stuff makes me puke!!

  8. To Nonstop; I just noticed a lawyer ad on the top of this blog page. Blaaaaaahh! Who is next to get sued for a phony claim ???

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