House panel tells EPA, ‘show us your data,’ as Obama promised

Congressional leaders are demanding that U.S. Environmental Protection Agency officials make public the science and datasets used in justifying a major new air quality regulation implemented today.

The new rule covers fine particulate matter under the National Ambient Air Quality Standards established by the Clean Air Act (CAA). President Obama, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson and other Obama and EPA officials claim the new rule will produce $1.7 trillion, or 85 percent of the $2 trillion in total benefits resulting from the CAA between 1990 and 2020.

The science and datasets being sought are also the major justification underlying EPA’s often-heard claim that CAA benefits outweigh its costs by a 30-1 ratio.

Obama administration officials have promised to make the underlying science and datasets public but the outgoing and incoming chairman of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee, as well as the chairman of one of the panel’s key subcommittees, are frustrated that the promises have not yet been fulfilled.

The committee leaders want the science and data made public “in a manner sufficient for analysis by independent scientists and researchers. This is especially important as EPA is subjecting taxpayers that funded this research to its costly regulatory consequences, without ever allowing public review or scrutiny of the information.”

Read more at The Washington Examiner. By Mark Tapscott.


  1. the last thing any of the present administration wants is to show the axtual documnetation for their actions. Holy bright light of inspection Batman, it would blind all the tunnel rats Obama employs.
    The Clean Air Act sounded nice until waco control freak liberal took charge. One of the better cases of this ecoturd mindset is no fires in your fire place in the San Francisco Bay Area air control district. LETS SPY ON OUR NEIGHBOR. I wonder if Barbecues count.
    WTF, time to re tune America into the home of the free not home to the freaks

  2. Don Rushing says:

    If the house repubs had any spine they would defund the EPA and the Energy dept because both of the depts are worthless and taxpayers' money is going down the drain because of outright lies that the EPA and
    Energy dept are spewing about global warming and other trash. This government is wasting more money
    year after year in order to justify their greediness.

  3. Their data is nothing more than graphite data recorded to support their predetermined results.

  4. They are the bigest polluters with cem trails an they want to charge us forit create the crisis to exstort money from people they need to defund these people just eliminate it all together

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