Court Fight Between VA Govt Groups And EPA Over Water Rules

We are not making this up: the EPA apparently thinks water is a pollutant.


  1. John Stewart says:

    The EPA is nothing more than a shortcut towards total and all encompassing government regulation ( socialism/communism). They think that there knowledge is paramount to God's and Nature's.
    Come to MA. where the State has virtually destroyed manufacturing, second behind CA., and one of two places in the US where the citizens think the government creates jobs!

  2. John Stewart says:

    Delete my comment because it may offend Obumble!!!!!! Look it up it's all true

  3. The solution to the problem is to ELIMINATE THE EPA.

  4. The EPA is one of Obama's tools to subjugate America, and both should be regarded as UN-AMERICAN.

  5. Time to disband the CRIMINAL EPA

  6. theoldstoryteller says:

    They must justify their positions in order to keep their jobs. They have out lived their usefulness. Down size the EPA! Another government agency that's grown too big for their britches!

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